Reserve Training

All Reserve Deputies receive the same high quality training as the Full-time officers of the department, covering a variety of law enforcement skills both academic and tactical. Classes are held at the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Training Academy. All training is without charge, and uniforms and other specialized equipment are provided by the Sheriff's office.

Reserve Deputies receive classroom instruction as determined by the Academy Staff. Classes are held at the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Academy
Classroom training methods are similar to those used in institutions of higher learning. Academic subjects are normally taught in a standard classroom setting and appropriate examinations are administered to ensure comprehension of the subject matter. As training progresses, role-playing and practical field exercises are introduced.

Training includes, but is not limited to:
Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement
Criminal Law ( La. Revised Statutes )
Use of Force
First Aid & CPR
Firearms training ( classroom & firing range )
PR-24 training
Handcuffing Techniques
Criminal Investigations
Report Writing
Juvenile Law
t nRadio Procedures
Laws of Arrest & Probable Cause

Reserve Deputies also receive physical fitness and self-defense training. Physical training includes weight training, calisthenics and running. Reserves are required to pass a physical fitness and self-defense test, qualify with an approved firearm and PR-24, prior to graduation. Applicants should begin the Academy in a reasonably fit condition.