Police Academy

The law enforcement officer of today is a professional and is trained as such. The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Training Academy was established in April of 1970 to provide professional law enforcement training to police officers of Jefferson Parish, including those from municipalities within the parish and other law enforcement agencies as directed by the Sheriff. JPSO Academy staff members are committed to educational and training standards that will better prepare graduates to safely perform their required duties.
The Louisiana Peace Officer’s Standards and Training Council (POST) mandates the standards required to receive state certification to become a peace officer. Upon successful completion of this academy, each officer will possess the advanced skills and knowledge required by POST.

The JPSO Training Academy offers three types of POST training:
•Full POST
•Corrections POST
•Basic Corrections POST

The curriculum of a POST class includes the following:
•Orientation to Criminal Justice
•First Aid
•Report Writing
•Legal Aspects
•Traffic Services
•Patrol Activities
•Domestic & Family Matters
•Physical Training
•Specialized Activities

A Full or Corrections POST certificate entitles an officer to receive additional pay via the Louisiana Deputy Sheriff’s Supplemental Pay Program.  This program provides additional pay in the amount of $600/month.

The Training Academy holds day or night classes several times each year.  We will post upcoming academies on our “This Month In the Shield” section of our website as they are scheduled.

The Academy is located at 1801 Westbank Expressway, Harvey, LA 70058.  Hours are generally 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, except when classes are being held.  For information regarding the JPSO Training Academy, please call 504-363-5770.