Salary Schedule

The JPSO strives to provide a competitive salary for all of its positions, whether civil, corrections, law enforcement or other. Below is a salary schedule for selected positions:

PositionAnnual Base PayAnnual State Pay *Total Pay
Deputy 1**$38,745.00$6,000.00$44,745.00
Deputy 2**$40,761.00$6000.00
Deputy 3**$42,840.00$6000.00
Deputy 4**$45,108.00$6000.00
Corrections 1$32,000.04N/A
Corrections 2
Corrections 3*
Telecommunications I$31,818.18N/A$31,818.18
Dispatcher I*$35,454.55$6000.00$41,454.55
Dispatcher II*
Dispatcher Asst. Supervisor*
Dispatcher Supervisor*
Dispatcher Watch Commander*
Dispatcher Training Coordinator*
Communications Clerk I$27,600.00N/A$27,600.00
Communications Clerk II
Communications Clerk III
Communications Clerk IV
Clerk I $20,799.96N/A$20,799.96
Clerk II
Clerk III
Clerk IV
Clerk V
Clerk VI

Please note that these rates reflect only the base pay.  JPSO also pays longevity pay at the rate of $40 per month for each year of service. Thus, after 1 year, longevity pay is $40 per month, after 2 years to $80 per month, etc.  

*POST certified officers, serving in a law enforcement capacity, also receive Deputy Sheriff's supplemental pay from the State of Louisiana.  This equates to $6,000 per year.

**Based on a 14 day, 84 hour work period.