• Group of men standing at a display at a table.
  • Community Relations group.
  • 3 men standing next to a table.
  • Participants of the Day at the Park.
  • People standing at soda fountain.
  • Group standing next to food warmers.
  • Woman serving food to a man.
  • Man holding up t-shirt.
  • Women standing behind a display.
  • Group of people in costumes with some children and 2 rottweilers.
  • Man and woman talking.
  • D.W.I. Checkpoint sign with other street signs display.
  • Woman painting a little girl's face.
  • Group of children with a man and woman at the Day at the Park.
  • Helicopter flying in the air.
  • Arrest demonstration.
  • Two men standing next to a display
  • Group of Day at the Park participants.

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