Terms of use for Social Media

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office (JPSO) recognizes and embraces the right of all members of our online audience to free speech and freedom of expression. However, all social media platforms maintained by JPSO are official accounts of the JPSO and as such, inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated. The following are examples of conduct considered unacceptable: sexually explicit language, discriminatory or belittling statements, bullying, trolling, threats, hate speech, profanity, or commercial uses. Comments advocating illegal activity or violence are expressly prohibited. All material posted to any JPSO social media platform will be reviewed by the administrators of that platform for appropriateness. The JPSO reserves the right to remove any material which violates these terms of use in order to continue civil discourse with the citizens of Jefferson Parish. The JPSO also reserves the right to exclude, block, or ban any individual who posts in violation of these terms of use.