Sheriff's Introduction

Dear Applicant,

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office believes that education is most effective in gaining understanding and support from the community. Through our continuous contact with various segments of society we have become aware of the need to educate our citizens as it relates to law enforcement. The Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Office Citizen's Academy offers our residents new insight into how police officers perform their duties, as well as how the department serves the community.

The Citizen's Academy is a 8 week program where residents of Jefferson Parish are nominated to attend a 3 hour class, 1 night a week. Nominations are submitted by members of the sheriff's office, civic and community groups, and are also solicited from the community.

Classes are taught by various personnel from the Sheriff's Office. Each instructor will develop his/her own class curriculum addressing pertinent issues. You are encouraged to ask questions and become involved in classroom discussions. Many common misconceptions of law enforcement will be explored as well as current technological advances in the field of forensics. After completing the program the staff will ask for your critique of the instruction.

A primary purpose of the Citizen's Academy is to enhance community relations and to open the Sheriffs Office to the public, explaining our responsibilities and how we accomplish our objectives. The Academy is a program that can and will spark the enthusiasm needed to achieve community involvement in developing solutions for the future betterment of our community.

I am confident that after completing the program you will have learned a great deal about your Sheriffs Office and will better understand the value of a solid police-public partnership in addressing crime in our community.

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing you at graduation.

Very truly yours,
Joseph P. Lopinto, III