Safety Tips - Mardi Gras

Follow these tips for a safe and fun Mardi Gras for you and your family:
  • Teach your children their name and phone number.
  • Mark your children's clothes on the inside with name, address, and phone number.
  • Go to the same area to view parades if possible and teach your child a landmark to meet if separated.
  • Teach your children to stay calm if lost, and go to a uniformed police officer.
    • Teach your child not to be afraid of police officers and if possible take them up to 1 prior to the parade.
    • If no police officer is in your area teach your child to go to another parent with children for help.
  • Make sure your child knows if a stranger tries to talk to them, to say "You're not my parent," and get away.
  • Never allow children in the street, try to find an area with barricades and stand behind them.
  • Never follow behind floats, bands, etc.
  • Never throw anything at the riders.
  • Put small children in a ladder off the street as far back as the ladder is tall, and have an adult stay with the ladder at all times.
Candy Safety Tips
  • Never run after throws.
  • Don't let your child eat the candy that is thrown before checking it.
  • Do not put your hands on the ground.
  • Do not fight over throws.