Records & Reports

The JPSO Technical Services Bureau operates a records and reports section which provides fingerprint cards, background checks, police reports, alcoholic beverage outlet (ABO) cards and other information to the public for a fee.

This section is located in Building A of the Westbank Administration Complex at 1233 Westbank Expressway, Harvey, LA.  Office hours are from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday.

To submit a request for any of the items below Background Checks / Records Request

Below is a schedule of fees charged:

Traffic Accident Crash Reports (to obtain online see below)$7.50
Crime Reports$25 first 5 pages
$1 per additional page
 Arrest Register$25.00 
Calls for service, detailed reports$25 first 5 pages
$1 per additional page 
Calls for service, report for an item number (complaint card)$25.00
Background check with record$50
Background check without a record$50
Fingerprinting, 1st card$25
Fingerprinting, each additional card$10
ARMMS Rapsheet$25
Review of Record (Background Check)$50
Letter of Clearance (Background Check)$50
Sex Offender Registration$60 per calendar year
Vice Permit (V-Card) - Requires 1 fingerprint card$25
ABO (Owner and Manager) - Requires 2 fingerprint cards$35
Tobacco Permit$35
Solicitor Permit - Requires 1 fingerprint card ($25) and application fee ($2)$27

To request a mug shot via email, please visit our mug shot photo webpage.

To contact Central Records: 

To contact Finger Print Identification