False Alarm Education Program

Each month, Jefferson Parish Sheriff's (JPSO) deputies respond to approximately 2,700 burglar alarms throughout the Parish. On average, 2,600 of these alarms or 99% turn out to be false alarms. In many cases, the alarm is tripped by an easily preventable situation (family pets, user error, unsecured doors and windows, seasonal decorations, etc.). In addition, many of the false alarms are coming from the same residence or business over and over again. This puts a tremendous strain on our patrol divisions to respond to legitimate calls for service from our citizens and businesses.

In Action to Decrease False Alarms

In an effort to decrease the number of false alarms, the sheriff has tasked the JPSO Crime Prevention Unit of our Community Relations Section with an outreach program designed to educate the citizens and businesses on how to prevent false alarms. The program will initially target those citizens and businesses that have had at least 5 false alarms in the past 12 months.

JPSO Community Relations personnel will be visiting those sites with multiple false alarms and offering suggestions and tips on how to prevent false alarms and on how to make sure that the alarm is functioning properly. Officers will leave a brief fact sheet with the resident or business owner with a contact telephone number in the event they wish to solicit further assistance from our office. In addition, patrol officers will be leaving door hangers when they respond to false alarms.

Several other Parishes have begun to charge citizens and businesses for repeat false alarms. The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office has decided that an education/prevention system would better serve the citizens of Jefferson Parish.

If you have any questions about this program, please call the JPSO Community Relations Section at 504-376-2417.

Please note: The officers participating in this outreach program will have JPSO credentials and will be dressed in JPSO uniforms.