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Tuesday, May 13, 2014 02:39 PM

Lester N Stevenson, B/M, 07/25/1982, Attachment, Simple Burglary-Inhabited Dwelling, Resisting an Officer, Possession Tools for Crime, Fugitive, E-07303-14, E-07007-14, E-07317-14

Timothy M Ordon, B/M, 09/27/1971, Simple Burglary-Inhabited Dwelling, Resisting an Officer, Illegal Possession Stolen Under $500, E-07007-14

Jason R Pinowski, W/M, 11/17/1982, Alprazolam Possession, Heroin Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, E-07203-14

Tyrone Brown, B/M, 12/11/1987, Home Invasion, Domestic Abuse Battery, Simple Criminal Damage $500-$50000, E-01401-14

Steven A Maher, W/M, 06/05/1974, 2 counts Simple Battery on the Infirm, Domestic Abuse Battery, Resist Police Force/Violence, Battery of Police Officer w/Injury, Simple, E-80516-14

Joshua Sensley, B/M, 08/23/1985, Second Degree Battery, Second Degree Robber, D-81493-14

Majde Al-Bataineh, W/M, 11/06/1988, Aggravated Battery, E-08476-14

Jude F West, W/M, 10/13/1992, Aggravated Assault with Firearm, E-08641-14

Julie Woodall, W/F, 11/12/1986, 4 Attachments, Heroin Possession, Clonazepam Possession, Fugitive, Schedule IV Possession of a CDS, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, E-08959-14, E-09017-14, B-22137-08

Christopher Baptiste, B/M, 02/14/1981, Heroin Distribution, Heroin Possession, Aggravated Criminal Damage to Property, Aggravated Battery, Resist Police Force/Violence, 2 counts Reckless Operation Vehicle, 2 counts Hit and Run Driving, 2 counts Driving-License Suspended, 2 Attachments, D-14321-14, D-14358-14, J-27610-13, I-22108-12

Wendy M Bentel, W/F, 02/05/1961, 1 Attachments, Creation of Clandestine Lab, E-06775-14, D-21711-14

Anthony A Bentel, W/M, 12/01/1988, Creation of Clandestine Lab, Fugitive, D-21711-14, E-06825-14

Henry R Bentel, W/M, 08/31/1981, 6 Attachments, Fugitive, 3 counts Dist Schedule I Narcotic, Cruelty to Juvenile, D-21711-14 and item number per attachment

Brian C Mock, W/M, 09/18/1979, Schedule I Distribution/WTD of a CDS, Hydrocodone Distribution, D-21711-14

Stephen A Brown, B/M, 11/04/1978, Theft $1500 or More, Access Device Fraud >$1500, Fugitive, H-05853-13, E-06972-14

Eduardo Delcastillo, W/M, 08/07/1982, Possession with Intent Schedule I, Creation of Clandestine Lab, D-21711-14

Lane M Mouney, W/M, 05/11/1992, Marijuana-Tetrahy Possession, Possession/Distribution Legend Drug w/o Rx, Stimulant Sch-IIIA, Alprazolam Possession, 3 counts Drugs-Schedule IV, Simple Burglary-Inhabited Dwelling, E-02985-14

Andrew J Prest, Jr., W/M, 11/21/1969, Violation of Protective Order, Cyberstalking/Electronic Mail, Stalking, Harassing Phone Calls, Criminal Trespass, D-18219-14

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