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Tuesday, April 22, 2014 09:43 AM

Karen Prieto, W/F, 11/16/1962, Aggravated Battery, D-18355-14

Jose L Aguilar-Garcia, W/M, 01/23/1975, Domestic Abuse Battery-Strangulation, Domestic Abuse Child Endanger, Disturbing the Peace-Fight, Disturbing the Peace-Drunk, Resist Police Force/Violence, Battery/Police Officer, Threatening a Public Official, D-81361-14

Deborah Thiele, W/F, 01/25/1971, Crack Possession, D-18412-14

Matthew S Cooke, W/M, 07/08/1978, 11 counts Possession With Intent Schedule III, 3 counts Possession/Distribution Legend Drug w/o Rx, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, A-27704-14

Donald Barber, W/M, 02/15/1956, Registration of Sex Offenders, D-06785-14

Nicole Barbay, W/F, 07/10/1984, Child Desertion, Fugitive, D-62123-14, D-62143-14

Martriell D Wilson, B/F, 01/21/1995, Hydrocodone Possession, D-15640-14

Jacob A Moreno, W/M, 09/15/1973, Simple Assault, Disturbing the Peace-Drunk, Resisting an Officer, Battery of Police Officer-with Injury, D-16218-14

Jose Bonilla-Moreno, W/M, 09/21/1985, 2 counts Aggravated Assault, D-81230-14

Filadelfio Pindea-Alvarado, W/M, 06/08/1975, 2 counts Simple Assault, D-81230-14

Pedro Toruno-Rayo, W/M, 07/26/1977, 2 counts Aggravated Assault, D-81230-14

Jose A Serrano, W/M, 11/10/1955, 2 counts Simple Assault, D-81230-14

Bryan D Gudgell, W/M, 05/05/1981, Open Alcohol Container in Vehicle, Diazepam Possession, 2 counts Possession/Distribution Legend Drug w/o Rx, D-81238-14

Larry D Cheatteam, B/M, 07/18/1986, Battery on Police Officer, Flight Using Motor Vehicle, Felony Carrying Illegal Weapon, Simple Assault, Disturbing the Peace-Fight, D-62413-14

Kenneth D Martinez, W/M, 02/01/1982, Attachment, Theft $1500 or More, Illegal Possession Stolen Over $1500, Theft $500-$1500, D-17268-14, J-14595-13

Mildred B Turner, B/F, 05/23/1980, Aggravated Battery, Aggravated Criminal Damage to Property, D-81260-14

Terry T Smith, B/F, 11/21/1960, Aggravated Battery, D-81260-14

Gabriel Rodriguez, W/M, 02/27/198, Simple Robbery, Domestic Abuse Battery, D-17691-14

John N Cotner, W/M, 11/07/1989, Theft of Goods Under $500, Schedule I Distribution / WITD of a CDS, Heroin Possession, D-18100-14

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