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Thursday, April 17, 2014 10:45 AM

Michael A Taylor, B/M, 07/10/1991, Armed Robbery, D-61687-14

Melanie Kay Mahfouz, W/D, 02/11/1974, 2 Attachments, 2 counts Possession Schedule I Narcotic, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Hydrocodone Possession, Oxycodone Possession, Schedule IV Possession of a CDS, D-12392-14, D-12296-14

Steven Saladino, W/M, 09/24/1960, Aggravated Battery, C-14897-14

Ashley Adams, W/F, 04/27/1987, Child Desertion, D-61894-14

Tanya L Corkern, W/F, Child Desertion, Fugitive, D-61894-14, D-61904-14

Hector M Castillo, W/M, 11/04/1996, 2 counts Simple Burglary Inhabited Dwelling, A-05807-14, B-08323-14

Rickey Tolliver, B/M, 08/24/1992, 3 counts Simple Burglary Inhabited Dwelling, A-05807-14, B-08323-14, G-10927-13

Don A Fuselier, W/M, 01/21/1970, Hydrocodone Possession, D-08781-14

Daniel J Jung, W/M, 01/22/1987, Attachment, Resist Police Force/Violence, Battery/Police Officer, Possession with Intent Schedule IV, Schedule III Possession of a CDS, Heroin Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, 4 counts Intentional Exposure of AIDS Virus, D-08679-14, D-08550-14

Shane Leyhew, W/M, 10/19/1978, Attachment, Domestic Abuse Battery, J-15432-05, D-09278-14

Troy A Gaspar, W/M, 05/29/1966, Crack Possession, Drugs-Schedule IV Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, D-09333-14

Corey Rau, W/M, 11/16/1968, Aggravated Rape, Sexual Battery, K-12874-13

Danny D Saulny, B/M, 09/20/1990, Attempt Second Degree Murder, Felony Carrying Illegal Weapon, Fugitive, A-11795-14, D-09546-14

Lee I McClure, B/M, 06/05/1959, Domestic Abuse Battery-Strangulation, D-09940-14

Erin M Savoie, W/F, 09/24/1987, Heroin Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, D-09953-14

Sunny R London, B/M, 08/10/1956, Crack Possession, Marijuana-Tetrahy Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, D-80792-14

Gary T Norman, W/M, 05/04/1959, Driving While Intoxicated 4th, Operating Suspended DL Previous Other Offenses, Refusal to Chemical Test, Proper Control of Vehicle, Disregard Stop Sign, Crack Possession, Marijuana-Tetrahy Possession, D-80787-14

Thaddius Marsalis, B/M, 09/17/1958, Crack Possession, Marijuana-Tetrahy Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, D-80792-14

Brallan Carbon, W/M, 11/02/1975, Crack Possession, Disturbing Peach Drunk, D-61475-14

Lorenzo Lachuga, W/M, 09/11/1993, Marijuana-Tetrahy Possession, Ecstasy Possession, Resist Arrest by Refuse to ID, Injuring Public Records, Fugitive, D-10168-14, D-10259-14

Quang Magrette, W/M, 10/02/1986, Marijuana-Tetrahy Possession, Ecstasy Possession, D-10168-14

Christy Ryall, W/F, 07/05/1992, Attachment, Domestic Abuse Battery, Possession/Distribution Legend Drug w/o Rx, D-10913-14, D-10818-14

Reynard Price, B/M, 08/18/1980, Domestic Abuse Battery, D-10977-14

Stephen F Costanza, W/M, 03/16/1970, Heroin Possession, D-80841-14

Roman A Nunez, B/M, 12/03/1991, Domestic Abuse Battery, D-11035-14

Tojohnica T Newman, B/F, 02/02/1991, Domestic Abuse Battery, 3x Fugitive, D-61588-14

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Public Information Office
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