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Thursday, April 03, 2014 04:47 PM

This email is in response to the inquiries we received relative to a video that was posted on Facebook yesterday.

On March 30, 2014, around 2:50 PM, our 911 Center received a call from a citizen who resides in the 200 block of Marmandie Avenue in River Ridge. The complainant told the operator he needed the police because a black male subject at 207 Marmandie was cursing at him. When the Fourth District officer arrived on scene he met with the complainant who once again repeated what he told the 911 operator. He continued telling the officer that he and his wife were sitting outside of their home with their children when their attention was drawn to their neighbor’s home at 207 Marmandie. It was there, the complainant reported hearing the individuals using profanities. He also believed he could smell the odor of marijuana coming from the area where the individuals were standing. After asking the men numerous times to stop cursing in front of he and his wife, one of the men, described as a black male began directing profanity laced sentences specifically at the both he, his wife and children. He continued by saying he felt threatened at that time, thus, he chose to call 911. The complainant expressed his desire to pursue charges against the black male who cursed at he and his family. He then directed the officer to the area where the male subjects were standing.

Based on the initial findings, and the fact that the complainant/witness wanted to pursue charges on the suspect, our officer’s intention was to issue him a misdemeanor summons. As the officer approached the subjects, he too could smell the odor of marijuana. The officer requested identification from Don Rell Breaux. He was told by Breaux that he had none, however, he might have an ID inside. As the officer walked with Breaux towards the door he told him he was under arrest. As the officer followed him into the doorway with his handcuffs in hand, Breaux attempted to close the door on the officer. The officer continued into the home where a brief struggle ensued. The officer did in fact tell the suspect he was under arrest for resisting an officer, as indicated in the video. Breaux was eventually placed in handcuffs and taken into custody.

Don Rell Breaux was booked with disturbing the peace by cursing, resisting arrest and battery on a police officer.

Don Rell Breaux has a prior criminal history with an arrests for: Terroristic Threats & Acts at a school in Georgia, Reckless Conduct, Manufacturing, Distribution & Possession of Marijuana, Simple Criminal Damage to Property and a Probation Violation.

Colonel John N. Fortunato,
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office
1233 Westbank Expressway
Harvey, LA 70058
504-363-5521 Office

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