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Tuesday, April 01, 2014 11:33 AM

Lorraine Daniel, B/F, 08/30/1956, Aggravated Battery, Domestic Abuse Battery, C-26398-14, C-25800-14

Leonardo Latorre, W/M, 05/11/1977, Hydrocodone Possession, C-26711-14

Anthony R Carter, B/M, 09/22/1994, Illegal Possession Stolen Over $1500, 4 counts Simple Burglary, C-26676-12, C-26626-14, C-26665-14, C-26693-14, C-26698-14

Jarmain Williams, B/M, 11/03/1996, 4 counts Simple Burglary, C-26626-14, C-26665-14, C-26693-14, C-26698-14

Michael Vanderbrook, W/M, 03/03/1970, Forcible Rape, L-16443-13

JUVENILE, B/M, 12/22/1998 (15 years old), B/M, 6 counts Simple Burglary, Illegal Possession of Handgun by Juvenile, C-26626-14, C-26665-14, C-26693-14, C-26698-14, C-26626-14, C-26668-14

JUVENILE, B/M, 06/25/1997 (16 years old), 4 counts Simple Burglary, , C-26626-14, C-26665-14, C-26693-14, C-26698-14

Sharon Navamuel, W/F, 09/16/1989, Theft of Goods Under $500, Methadone Possession, C-81626-14

Osman D Meraz, W/M, 11/06/1987, Domestic Abuse Battery, C-24617-14

Elizabeth T Quintero, W/F, 09/10/1994, Theft of Goods $1500 & Up, C-24692-14

Raymond Hanousek, W/M, 10/18/1958, Bank Fraud, Theft $1500 or More, Monetary Instrument Abuse, C-24281-14

John Leon Wright, W/M, 02/10/1981, Possession Fraudulent ID, Bank Fraud, C-25054-14

Donna L Pitre, W/F, 07/20/1968, 3 attachments, Schedule II Possession of a CDS, Clonazepam Possession, Theft of Goods Under $500, L-04093-09, K-20419-09, C-25560-14, C-25430-14

Richard Durham, W/M, 12/21/1963, Home Invasion, Domestic Abuse Battery, C-25778-14

Felicien A Landry, W/M, 06/28/1979, Marijuana-Tetrahy Possession, 2 counts Alprazolam Possession, Theft of Goods Under $500, Illegal Possession Stolen Under $500, Child Desertion, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, C-81759-14

Duane P Love, B/M, 04/04/1964, Domestic Abuse Battery, Theft Under $500, Simple Criminal Damage $500-$50000, C-26073-14

Donald R Clark, B/M, 04/18/1973, Possession/WITD Cocaine Over 28 Grams, Use of Firearm CDS/Violence, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Body Armor Controlled Substance Law, C-23133-14

Reyes Bonilla, W/M, 01/06/1977, Aggravated Battery, C-63517-14

Chyenne Brooks, B/M, 02/04/1986, Domestic Abuse-Strangulation, Domestic Abuse Battery Pregnant, C-23318-14

Jennifer D Bascle, W/F, 12/20/1974, Possession With Intent Schedule II, Methamphetamine Possession, Creation of Clandestine Lab, Obstruction of Justice, Use of Firearm CDS/Violence, Exposing Juvenile Clandestine Lab, C-23271-14

Norman Frame, W/M, 12/15/1962, Cruelty to the Infirm, Resisting an Officer, 3 counts Domestic Abuse Battery, 3 counts Simple Criminal Damage Under $500, C-81590-14

Bruce J Williams, B/M, 11/14/1990, Aggravated Battery, C-81576-14

JUVENILE, B/M, 12/21/1999 (14 years old), Simple Robbery, Simple Battery, C-23890-14

Arthur L Payne, B/M, 09/20/1970, Crack Possession, Marijuana-Tetrahy Possession, C-22288-14

Allen M Bickham, B/M, 08/19/1991, Crack Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, C-81001-14

Stephen W Doty, W/M, 01/04/1971, Aggravated Assault with Firearm, Illegal Use of Weapon, Marijuana-Tetrahy Possession, C-22481-14

Kevin Rivas, W/M, 01/11/1992, Armed Robbery, Attempt Second Degree Murder, Fugitive, C-07716-13, C-22557-14

Michael E Watkins, W/M, 06/15/1961, Theft $1500 or More, Bank Fraud, Forgery, Monetary Instrument Abuse, D-14901-13

Shondrecca Peters, B/F, 11/30/1983, 2 counts Violation of Protective Order, Simple Battery, C-14905-14, C-17704-14

Don Moore, W/M, 10/05/1979, Theft $1500 or More, Bank Fraud, Forgery, Monetary Instrument Abuse, 2x Fugitive, B-09061-14, C-22981-14, C-22982-14

Thomas Doll, W/M, 09/15/1978, Hydrocodone Possession, C-23030-14

Daryl Vinet, B/M, 08/23/1957, Crack Possession, Contraband in Correctional Center, C-22724-14

JUVENILE, B/M, 02/09/1998 (16 years old), 2 counts Assault on a School Teacher, Interfering with Educational Facility, C-22663-14

Hayley Jade Batiste, W/F, 10/08/1993, Marijuana-Tetrahy Possession, Heroin Possession, Alprazolam Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, C-81385-14

Jonathan M Armand, W/M, 08/24/1990, Attachment, Heroin Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, A-17582-14, C-21231-14
JUVENILE, B/M, 02/24/1998 (16 years old), Possession Weapon on School Grounds, Poss/Deal Oblit 1st Offense, C-20961-14

Glenn H Lemon, B/M, 12/23/1983, 4 attachments, 2 counts Second Degree Murder, C-18107-14, L-25276-13

Keith Frazier, W/M, 06/06/1990, Simple Robbery, C-16989-14

Benjamin Pridgen, W/M, 06/14/1987, Pornography with Juvenile, Distribution Pornography Involving Juveniles, Marijuana-Tetrahy Possession, Use of Firearm CDS/Violence, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, A-18550-14

Dwayne D Willis, W/M, 11/26/1974, 2 attachments, Domestic Abuse Battery, Resisting an Officer, 2 counts Simple Criminal Damage $500 to $50000, Disturbing the Peace/Drunk, C-18537-14, C-18538-14, C-18223-14

Brady A Landry, W/M, 04/19/1973, Cruelty to Juvenile, C-18383-14

Michael R Howard, B/M, 11/15/1992, Illegal Possession Stolen Over $1500, Aggravated Burglary, Attempt Aggravated Kidnapping, Resisting an Officer, C-00665-14

Misti S Bouffine, W/F, 02/24/1982, Attachment, Heroin Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, 2x Fugitive, C-18847-14, C-18844-14, C-18848-14, C-18872-14

Joseph H Williams, W/M, 12/27/1943, Domestic Abuse Battery, C-18982-14

Paula M Sanders, B/F, 11/30/1963, Schedule II Possession of a CDS, C-80669-14

Arandy Albert Blair, B/M, 07/20/1991, Second Degree Kidnapping, Unauthorized Entry of Inhabited Dwelling, C-19047-14

Ina Horrigan, W/F, 09/15/1971, Heroin Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Oxycodone Possession, C-62951-14

Timothy J Morange, Jr., W/M, 05/24/1984, Domestic Abuse Battery-Strangulation, C-19771-14

Lee A Williams, W/F, 07/31/1979, Obscene Talk on Phone, Cyber Stalking/Electronic Mail, Stalking, Violation of Protective Order, B-21056-14

Kamau Kensley, B/M, 07/10/1976, 2 counts Heroin Possession, Possession with Intent Schedule I, Possession .28-<200 Grams Narcotics, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, C-17972-14, C-18844-14, C-19606-14

Paul C Landry, B/M, 11/23/1972, Attachment, Domestic Abuse Battery, Aggravated Assault, C-20050-14, C-20040-14, C-08877-14

Rafael Duguestrada, W/M, 02/09/1968, Second Degree Battery, C-20283-14

Jeremiah P Majlio, B/M, 11/17/1980, Home Invasion, Simple Criminal Damage $500-$50000, Theft $500-$1500, Stalking, C-81264-14

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish sheriff’s Office

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