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Thursday, January 30, 2014 01:37 PM

Sheriff Newell Normand announces the arrests of Lavelle Harrell, Joshua Parker, Kentaz Gayden, Andrew Johnson and Courtney Price.

On January 27, 2014, Jonas and Ronald Perrier were found shot to death at 932 East Monterey Court in Terrytown. Homicide detectives developed information through witnesses, the identity of the suspects involved in this incident. As a result, Second Degree Murder warrants were issued for Lavelle Harrell, B/M, 35, of #13 Ann Louise in Harvey, Joshua Parker, B/M 26, of 917 East Monterey Court in Terrytown, David Samuels, B/M, 22, of 2545 Holiday Drive in New Orleans and Andrew Johnson, B/M, 21, of 933 East Monterey Court in Terrytown. Witnesses informed investigators that Harrell, Parker and Samuels were seen shooting the Perrier brothers and fleeing afterwards. Johnson was an active participant who drove the getaway vehicle (Nissan Altima) which Harrell, Parker and Samuels got into and fled. You may recall, on the night of the incident, we reported our crime scene technicians recovered a number of spent shell casings resulting in the belief that multiple weapons were used during the shootings. An additional suspect, identified as Kentaz Gayden, B/M, 26, of 5105 Citrus, Apt 105 in Harahan, was also present when the shootings occurred according to witnesses. Gayden was seen leaving the scene immediately following the shootings in a white Dodge Charger with a LA license plate. Investigators believe the murders of Jonas and Ronald Perrier was possibly in retaliation for a shooting that occurred earlier this year in Terrytown.

Investigators received information that Lavelle Harrell and Joshua Parker were seen with Kentaz Gayden in a white Dodge Charger with a LA license plate near the Palmetto Creek Apartments in Harahan. The Charger was registered to Courtney Price, a known associate of Gayden, who also lives at Palmetto Creek. Yesterday evening, detectives conducted surveillance on the white Charger at the Palmetto Creek Apartments, 5105 Citrus Boulevard in Harahan. While doing so, they observed Joshua Parker and an unknown black male walk out of the apartment and get to a white Chevrolet Monte Carlo, parked next to the white Charger. Parker and the other subject drove out of the apartment complex, prompting Detectives to stop the vehicle to affect the arrest on Parker; however, after refusing to stop, a brief pursuit ensued, thus both subjects bailed from the vehicle. Parker was apprehended by assisting detectives; the second subject was identified nor apprehended. Parker was transported to the JPCC where he was booked with two counts of Second Degree Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Murder. A short time later, a black female was seen entering the white Charger and driving out of the complex. Detectives stopped the Charger which was occupied by Courtney Price. Price was detained for questioning; all the while denying any knowledge of Lavelle Harrell. Price told detectives she lived at 5105 Citrus Creek with Kentaz Gayden. After being informed that Harrell was wanted for the crime of second degree murder, Price denied that she, nor anyone else, was at her apartment.

Assisting detectives continued their surveillance on the apartment where the suspects were believe hiding. Detectives observed Kentaz Gayden exit the apartment. Gayden was detained and questioned as to the whereabouts of the Lavelle Harrell. He too, denied having knowledge of anyone else being in the apartment, stating he had no knowledge of where Harrell could be. Within seconds, an unnamed individual exited the same apartment and was also questioned as to the whereabouts of Harrell. Detectives were told that Harrell was inside the apartment. Harrell was arrested moments later without incident. Gayden later admitted that he and Price were in the apartment for several hours with Harrell, however, he denied knowing he was wanted. Based on the fact that both Courtney Price and Kentaz Gayden intentionally harbored and aided Harrell with the intent that he may avoid arrest, were placed under arrest for Accessory After the Fact to 2nd Degree Murder. As a result all of the arrested individuals were transported to the JPCC and booked accordingly.

As of this writing, David Samuels and Andrew Johnson remain at-large, and are considered armed and dangerous. Both have two counts of Second Degree Murder warrants issued for their arrest. Anyone with information that could be helpful in this investigation, or who knows the whereabouts of these suspects is asked to call Homicide Detective Gabriel Fauchetta at 504-364-5300 or CRIMESTOPPERS.

Photos of the suspects are attached. Photo ID last four numbers: Samuels-0140 Johnson-0193 Harrell-0504 Parker-1639 Gayden-4957 Price-7750

Kentaz Gayden has a prior arrest criminal history with arrests for: 2nd Degree Battery, Assault by Drive by Shooting, Illegal use of Firearm, Injuring Public Records, Contributing to the Delinquency of Juveniles, Looting, Unauthorized use of Motor Vehicle, Simple Burglary, Illegal Possession of Stolen Property, Attempted Murder and Assault on a School Teacher.

Courtney Price has a prior criminal history with arrests for: Home Invasion and Simple Assault.

Joshua Parker has a prior criminal history with arrests for: Illegal Possession of Stolen Firearms and Possession of Marijuana.

Andrew Johnson has a prior criminal history with arrests for: Attempted Murder and Theft of Goods.

David Samuels has a prior criminal history with arrests for: Illegal Carrying of Weapons, Possession of Narcotics, Domestic Battery and Battery on a Police Officer.

Lavelle Harrell has a prior criminal history with arrests for: Domestic Battery, Possession of Narcotics and Simple Battery Harassing Phone Calls, Resisting Officer.

Colonel John N. Fortunato,
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office
1233 Westbank Expressway
Harvey, LA 70058
504-363-5521 Office

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