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Friday, December 27, 2013 10:31 AM

Jackie G Carmouche, Jr., W/M, 49, Violation of Protective Order, L-21851-13

Jason M Gagneaux, W/M, 34, Domestic Abuse Battery-Strangulation, L-21986-13

Dylan C Gutierrez, W/M, 21, Driving While Intoxicated 2nd, Proper Control of Vehicle, Driving-License Suspended, Accident No Insurance, 3 counts Vehicular Neg. Injury, L-22061-13

Royal Hawthorne, B/M, 35, Domestic Abuse Battery, L-24344-13

Christopher Flanagan, W/M, 19, 26 counts Simple Criminal Damage $500-$50000, 3 counts Simple Criminal Damage Under $500, each charge has a separate item number

Yolanda Herd, B/F, 27, Simple Battery, Disturbing the Peace & Disorderly, Simple Criminal Damage to Prop, L-81505-13

Roland Garcia, Jr., W/M, 39, Driving While Intoxicated 4th, Op Susp DL Prev Other Offenses, Violate Registration, Oxymorphone Possession, Amphetamine Possession, L-81288-13

Christian Hernandez, W/M, 19, Attempt 2nd Degree Murder, Armed Robbery, C-07716-13

Carlos Williams, B/M, 19, 2 counts 1st Degree Robbery, L-20210-13

Michael Thomas, B/M, 30, 3 Attachments, 3 counts 1st Degree Robbery, L-20413 thru L-20415-13, L-20210-13

Richard Moser, W/M, 40, Crack Possession, Poss/Dist Legend Drug w/o Rx, L-81374-13

Chase J Oddo, W/M, 19, Attachment and Aggravated Battery, L-20840-13, L-20754-13

Roy L Payne, B/M, 33, 5 counts Distribution Scheduled II Narcotic, False Representation of a CDS, Crte-Dist-Poss w/Int Dist Fake, E-16729-13, E-20680-13, E-20681-13, C-19060-13, C-13218-13, C-25886-13, I-16149-13

Christopher Flanagan, W/M, 19, 9 counts Simple Criminal Damage $500-$50000, 5 counts Discharging Slingshot/Firearm, 40 counts Simple Criminal Damage Under $500, each charge has its own item number

Dacotah Hamilton, W/M, 20, 7 counts Simple Criminal Damage $500-$50000, 3 counts Discharging Slingshot/Firearm, 42 counts Simple Criminal Damage Under $500, each charge has its own item number

Lawrence Chirlow, B/M, 46, Domestic Abuse Battery, L-21144-13

Robert Reed, B/M, 54, Armed Robbery, L-21184-13

Oscar Palma, W/M, 19, Aggravated Assault, L-21349-13

Buu Nguyen, W/M,21, Possession with Intent Schedule II, Methamphetamine Possession, Alprazolam Possession, L-21434-13

Jason Aaron Bonnet, W/M, 36, Domestic Abuse Battery, L-21637-13

Michael Bruce, W/M, 19, Aggravated Battery, L-21624-13

Willie Dalgo, Jr., W/M, 20, Alprazolam Possession, Simple and Aggravated Escape, Contraband in Correct Center, Drugs-Schedule III Possession, Poss/Dist Legend Drug w/o Rx, L-21645-13

Christopher W Batiste, B/M, 32, Attachment, Possession with Intent Schedule I, Hydrocodone Possession, Resisting an Officer, Fugitive, L-16793-13, L-01804-13

Rachel A Marshall, W/F, 24, Clonazepam Possession, L-81153-13

JUVENILE, B/M, 16, Domestic Abuse Battery, Simple Criminal Damage to Property, L-16776-13

JUVENILE, B/F, 13, Aggravated Battery, Simple Battery, L-17118-13

Richard J Taylor, III, B/M, 41, 5 Attachments, Domestic Abuse Battery-Strangulation, B-10298-06, I-13360-07, F-14173-07, B-17137-07, L-17626-13, L-17560-13

Jeffrey P Rudolph, W/M, 42, Theft of Goods Under $500, 2 counts Theft of Goods $1500 & Up, Theft of Goods $500-$1500, L-03088-13, K-23477-13, L-11182-13, L-05583-13

Vincent J Spahr, W/M, 21, 2 counts Criminal Trespass, Simple Criminal Damage Under $500, Simple Burglary, L-17915-13

Mike Wyatt, B/M, 17, 2nd Degree Battery, L-18069-13

Shakeetal L Ursin, B/F, 34, Theft $500-$1500, Forgery, E-81455-13

Kyle Dupuy, W/M, 18, False Personation Peace Officer, L-18272-13

Joseph S Andrews, B/M, 18, 2 counts Armed Robbery, B-23462-13

Ashlie M Young, W/F, 17, 2nd Degree Battery, Simple Assault, L-18753-13

Benjamin Retzloff, W/M, 33, Alprazolam Possession, L-62523-13

Coral Edwards, W/F, 42, Battery of Police Officer W/Injury, Resist Police Force/Violence, Methamphetamine Possession, Oxycodone Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, L-81278-13

Edward Cunningham, III, W/M, 43, Crack Possession, L-81262-13

Marjorie A Smith, W/F, 23, Schedule III Possession of a CDS, Alprazolam Possession, Clonazepam Possession, 2 counts of Schedule IV Possession of a CDS, Marijuana-Tetrahy Possession, L-81266-13

Douville Joseph Junot, W/M, 53, Driving While Intoxicated 1st, Poss/Dist Legend Drug w/o Rx, Schedule III Possession of a CDS, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, L-18891-13, L-19026-13

Kevin Andrew Ruffino, W/M, 31, Domestic Abuse Battery, Aggravated Assault, K-19159-13

Dominique Bernard, B/M, 18, Resist Police Force/Violence, Battery of Police Officer W/Injury, Disarming Peace Officer, L-19168-13

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office
504-363-5521 O

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