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Thursday, October 24, 2013 11:42 AM

Sheriff Newell Normand and NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas announce that arrest warrants have been issued for an individual identified as Ronald Johnson, B/M, 27, of 1856 North Gayoso in New Orleans, charging him with Possession of Stolen Property both in Jefferson and Orleans Parishes.

In October 2013, a series of thefts, primarily consisting of tires and wheels, along with a number of vehicle burglaries were being investigated in the “Old Metairie” area. The vehicles targeted, were mainly General Motors trucks and SUVs. During this investigation, Lieutenant Dax Russo, Commander of the Burglary/Theft Section, determined the suspect(s) were also stealing tires and rims and vehicles from other areas on the Eastbank. As a matter of fact, two of the vehicles believed involved in these thefts were stolen GMC pickup trucks from Jefferson Parish, which, were subsequently recovered in New Orleans. In several instances, witnesses reported also seeing a white panel van believed used by the suspects who were committing these thefts. Investigators determined the suspects would drive the stolen vehicles into JP to commit the crimes and leave them in areas they we're know to frequent.

As these investigations continued, it was discovered NOPD was also conducting follow-up investigations into similar crimes, reported in the 3rd District. Lieutenant Russo and NOPD Detective Lashawn Johnson began sharing information while the investigations were running concurrent. Detective Johnson has two subjects who were wanted for similar crimes. Possession of Stolen Property warrants have been issued for both individuals. One of the suspects was identified as Ronald Johnson.

While detectives continued their follow-up investigations, additional thefts were occurring in the “Old Metairie” area, primarily during the early morning hours. On Thursday, October 18, 2013, at 6:15PM, a Metairie resident reported his 2002, black, Chevrolet Suburban, LA license XMV806 had been stolen between October 17th 10:30PM and October 18th 6:05AM. Shortly thereafter, a collaborative effort began between JPSO Patrol and Street Crimes officers along with Burglary Detectives to conduct roving a surveillance in the areas where these incidents were occurring.

On October 23, around 3:00 AM, Detective Todd Giacona spotted a dark colored Chevy Suburban fitting the description of the stolen Suburban traveling in the target area. The suburban was followed to Beverly Garden and S. I-10 Service Road where Lieutenant Russo observed the Suburban stopped at the intersection. The driver, a light complected black male with a beard, looked directly at Lieutenant Russo, at which time Russo recognized the driver to be Ronald Johnson. When Johnson realized that the police were following him, he quickly turned east onto I-10 Service Road and fled at a high rate of speed. After running through the red light at Bonnabel blvd. & I-10 Service Road detectives lost sight of the vehicle. A check of the license plate on the Suburban confirmed it to be the one previously reported stolen in Metairie.

Attempts were underway at that time to locate Ronald Johnson at addresses Johnson was known to frequent. JP Deputy Kristian Frickey searched the area where Johnson’s mother lived, which was 1856 N. Gayoso in New Orleans. Around 4:30 AM, Deputy Frickey spotted the stolen Suburban traveling in the 2600 block of D'Abadie Street. Upon realizing he was being followed, the suspect vehicle began traveling at a high rate of speed toward Broad St. Additional units responded to the area, however, they were unable to locate the vehicle.

Based on the above information, a warrant was issued for Ronald Johnson. Johnson remains at-large and the stolen Suburban has yet to be recovered. Ronald Johnson has a prior criminal history with arrests for: Aggravated flight using a vehicle, Possession of stolen property and Simple Burglary.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Ronald Johnson, or who may have any information relative to these incident, is asked to contact Llieutenant Dax Russo at 364-5300 or CRIMESTOPPERS.

Ronald Johnson has a prior criminal history with arrests for: Aggravated flight using a vehicle, Possession of stolen property arrest along with Simple Burglary.

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jeffeerson Parish Sheriff's Office
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