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Friday, September 20, 2013 11:06 AM

JUVENILE, B/M 11/2/98, interfere educational facility I-10508-13

JUVENILE, B/M 1/3/99, interfere educational facility I-16894-13

JUVENILE, B/M 5/23/97 (juvenile), illegal possession of stolen firearms, use of firearm cds/violence

Roldin Dinet, W/M 9/28/64, possession of heroin I-62178-13

Carnell Robinson, B/M 3/3/88, obscenity I-16547-13

Kavious Turner, B/M 1/21/94, illegal use of weapon, felony carrying illegal weapon I-62192-13

Richard Chess, B/M 2/18/91, felony carrying illegal weapon, illegal possession stolen firearms I-16452-13

Efrain Borunda, W/M 9/8/63, 2 counts domestic abuse battery-strangulation H-21152-13

John Nicoll, W/M 4/5/73, cyber stalking/electronic mail E-01748-13

Chalette Jones, B/F 8/15/72, extortion I-62223-13

Raymond Allen, B/M 5/5/68, possession of heroin I-17197-13

Sabiha Resit,B/F 8/4/90, prostitution I-16983-13

Matthew Wetta, W/M 9/19/93, cyber stalking/electronic mail H-22758-13

Jonathan Harding, W/M 8/11/80, possession of heroin I-62028-13

Marvin Joseph, B/M 1/15/79, felony carrying illegal weapon I-15517-13

Dartanya Spottsville, B/M 12/9/87, codeine possession, use of firearm cds/violence, possession of heroin

Christopher Farbe, W/M 3/16/79, stalking H-19261-13

Ofeltio Mastrapa, W/M 4/22/72, sexual battery, indecent behavior w/juvenile G-07754-13

Betty Roberts, W/F 12/4/70, sexual battery, indecent behavior w/juvenile, cruelty to juvenile G-077564-13

Jeffrey Lemoine, W/M 3/1/84, theft of firearm K-02031-11

Jeremy Chapman, W/M 12/16/93, 2 counts simple burglary I(-81023-13

Gerald Eugene, B/M 10/11/85, felony carrying illegal weapon F-03978-13

Destinee Grabert, W/F 8/13/94, 4 counts computer fraud I-11782-13

Amanda Neil, W/F 10/3/82, extortion F-16638-13

Michael Martin, W/M 5/8/72, felony theft H-26510-13

JUVENILE, B/M 2/16/99, simple robbery I-11764-13

JUVENILE, B/M 10/10/98, simple robbery I-11764-13

Darrington Hamphill, B/M 11/20/96, interfere educational facility I-15919-13

JUVENILE, B/M 11/12/98, assault on school teacher I-62131-13

JUVENILE, B/M 11/3/97, interfere educational facility I-15919-13

JUVENILE, B/M 9/25/98, simple robbery I-11764-13

JUVENILE, B/M 4/14/00, simple robbery I-11764-13

Michael Riley, B/M 1/18/60, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling I-15957-13

Michael Dawson, B/M 4/20/74, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling I-15957-13

Keishay Clark, B/F 6/29/93, prostitution I-16001-13

Michael Benoit, W/M 12/31/71, simple burglary I-15893-13

Joseph Dauzat, W/M 7/28/83, felony theft I-80672-13

Tyrone Williams, B/M 11/15/85, use of firearm cds/violence I-15517-13

JUVENILE, B/M 8/12/98, illegal use of weapon, illegal possession of handgun by juvenile

JUVENILE, B/F 11/10/98, illegal possession of stolen property I-80980-13

JUVENILE, B/M 1/20/98, illegal possession of stolen property I-80980-13

JUVENILE, B/M 12/20/98, interfer educ facility I-14345-13

JUVENILE Tsairich Anderson, B/M 7/12/97, interfer educ facility I-14345-13

JUVENILE Ryandell Mitchell, B/M 7/6/97, interfer educ facility I-14135-13

JUVENILE Vontrice Madison, B/M 12/12/99, simple burglary E-62625-13

JUVENILE Asia Williams, B/F 11/27/00, interfer educ facility I-61844-13

JUVENILE Ronald Wright, B/M 6/30/99, interfer educ facility I-14267-13

Patty Stutes, W/F 5/20/75, prostitution H-27517-13

Sonja Ogden, B/F 7/22/64, stalking G-17463-11

Bryson Bowman, B/M 8/26/95, simple burglary F-18477-13

Terrell Glapion, B/M 11/23/95, interfer educ facility I-14135-13

Michele Leech, W/F 6/5/66, 5 counts poss cds by fraud/forgery L-05466-11

Chad Gilmore, B/M 10/20/87, domestic abuse battery-strangulation I-61790-13

Phillip Guidry, W/M 9/2/76, illegal possession stolen firearms H-81040-13

Carde McDaniel, B/M 4/6/87, domestic abuse battery-strangulation I-13843-13

Nomad Hoots, W/M 11/14/77, simple burglary I-13374-13

Amanda Evans, W/F 7/28/90, prostitution I-12960-13

Aaron Nixon, W/M 10/5/78, aggravated assault office w/MV, 2 counts threatening public official I-13432-13

David Bailey, B/M 6/16/75, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling E-19953-13

Jamar Williams, B/M 7/15/87, obscenity I-13487-13

Chelsey Fugate, W/F 2/16/94, simple burglary I-13374-13

Marquis Harris, B/M 2/18/89, obscenity I-13510-13

Vontrice Madison, B/M 12/12/99 (juvenile) simple burglary I-60250-13

Broderick Obiekwe, B/M 6/20/88, possession of heroin I-80819-13
Roberto Reyes, W/M 5/18/59, simple burglary I-12166-13

Albert Farria, B/M 1/5/78, indecent behavior w/juvenile I-80838-13

Charles Campbell, B/M 10/8/80, domestic abuse battery-strangulation I-61589-13

Manhen Figueroa, W/M 5/24/82, molestation of a juvenile H-03344-13

Marisa Biagas, B/F 12/21/88, obscenity I-12268-13

Lakeia Chapman, B/F 9/26/84, obscenity I-12268-13

Gadge Wilson, W/M 10/31/97 (juvenile), cyber stalking/electronic mail H-26467-13

Evan McMillan, B/M 5/8/97, 17 counts simple burglary I-10399-13

Ingrid Degruy, B/F 4/30/84, felony theft I-11703-13

Gary Matherne, W/M 5/7/89, prin-residential burglary, possession of stolen property, bank fraud, 5 counts computer fraud, forgery A-08026-13

Sidney Joseph, B/M 6/19/79, 9 counts felony carrying illegal weapon, use of firearm cds/violence, possession of unidentifiable firearm I-08015-13

Porche Stevenson, B/F 1/31/80, felony theft I-11749-13

Santos Toledo, W/M 11/28/92, 17 counts simple burglary H-22006-13

Michael McNeese, W/M 8/21/89, domestic abuse battery-strangulation I-11372-13

Shane Bourg, W/M 10/4/94, illegal carrying weapons I-11156-13

Angel Cater, B/F 4/21/90, felony theft, bank fraud, forgery, monetary instrument abuse I-11465-13

Ronnie Deville, W/M 7/6/80, 8 counts computer fraud I-11782-13

Melissa Evance, W/F 1/29/91, prostitution I-11978-13

Antonio Calvin, B/M 2/2/93, 5 counts simple burglary I-10295-13

Nicholas Luther, W/M 8/4/85, 6 counts simple burglary, auto theft G-80333-13

Bryan Devall, B/M 11/29/93, use of firearm cds/violence I-10275-13

Cornell Howard, B/M 12/2/85, felony carrying illegal weapon, illegal possession stolen firearm I-11154-13

Austin Plaisance, W/M 4/6/95, 5 counts simple burglary I-10295-13

Chelsey Autin, W/F 3/23/88, 5 counts computer fraud I-11782-13

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office
504-363-5521 O

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