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Friday, August 09, 2013 08:00 AM

On Saturday, August 03, 2013, around 1:30 PM First District Patrol Officers were dispatched to an aggravated burglary at 201 Mandarin Street Metairie, La. The victim, an 82 year old elderly female, reported she was alerted by her doorbell ringing at her side door. As she approached the door, she observed the person at the door clad in what she immediately recognized as a "mailman" type uniform. The suspect told the victim he was delivering a package.

Upon opening the door, suspect #1, forced his way into the home and directed the victim to the floor. The suspect then covered her face in an effort to obstruct her view. It was at that time that suspect #2 entered the home and both suspects began demanding to know where her jewelry and money was.

The victim further reported she could hear the suspects rummaging through her home and her purse constantly demanding to know where her jewelry and money was located. The victim told investigators she found it very odd that suspect #1 was so respectful; calling her "mam" and was mostly "polite"-not being aggressive.

The victim believed she was bound for approximately twenty minutes and at some point-the suspects fled her home. She was able to free her arms and called the Sheriff's Office. It is unknown if any articles of property were removed from the home during the incident.

1) black male, approx. 30-40 years of age, approx.. 6'00" tall, Medium-muscular build, clad in what was described as a "Postal" or "Mailman" uniform, wearing grey "knit" gloves

2) black male, approx.. 30-40 years of age, unknown clothing, no further information provided.

Anyone with information in this matter is asked to call our Burglary Division at 504-364-5300 or CRIMESTOPPERS.

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office
504-363-5521 O

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