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Tuesday, August 06, 2013 09:29 AM

Myaih Brim, B/F 1/16/95, monetary instrument abuse, H-02603-95

James Burns, W/M 9/22/84, simple burglary H-02806-13

Chavis Green, b/M 6/13/79, domestic abuse battery-strangulation H-01977-13

Angel Carter, B/F 4/21/90, bank fraud, monetary instrument abuse, forgery, attempt felony theft H-80129-13

Keegan McGuire, W/M 1/16/91, carnal knowledge of juvenile G-24723-13

Ibrahim Gray, B/M 9/7/85, illegal use of weapon H-01896-13

Frederick Clark, B/M 3/16/81, aggravated arson F-28797-13

Travis Jasmine, b/m 1/1/80, use of firearm cds/violence, felony carrying illegal weapon H-01080-13

Michael Brown, B/M 5/3/91, obscenity H-01254-13

Terrance Brown, B/M 10/9/65, use of firearm cds/violence H-00528-13

JUVENILE, B/M 11/6/98, use of firearm cds/violence, illegal possession of firearms, illegal possession of handgun by juvenile G-28182-13

JUVENILE, W/M 2/5/99, simple burglary G-28501-13

JUVENILE, B/M 6/25/98, armed robbery G-28174-13

Leroy Bird, B/M 12/9/90, 2 counts auto theft D-61464-13

Kim Smith, B/F 6/25/61, filing false public records, violation of protective order G-62673-13

Tiffany Ragusa, W/F 1/5/82, felony theft G-28824-13

Vernon Clay, B/M 8/26/94, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling, contributing to delinquency of juvenile involving felony G-28182-13

Tevin Davis, B/M 10/27/95, use of firearm cds/violence, contributing to delinquency of juvenile involving felony G-28182-13

Amanda Barnett, W/F 8/5/82, possession of heroin G-82013-13

Terrell Hudson, B/M 3/28/91, illegal carrying weapons G-28198-13

Randall Stevens, B/M 7/15/95, armed robbery, contributing to delinquency of juvenile involving felony G-28174-13

Ty Simard, W/M 11/24/80, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling, illegal possession of stolen property, heroin possession G-23626-13

Justin Williams, B/M 12/24/88, obscenity F-28246-13

Joseph Treadway, W/M 12/26/85, 2 counts aggravated assault, use of firearm cds/violence G-27135-13

Alex Bruer, B/M 10/14/81, 2 counts aggravated assault w/firearm, 2 counts illegal carrying weapons G-81956-13

Sean Abdul-Qudir, W/M 6/11/94, illegal use of weapon G-26991-13

Eric Norwood, B/M 2/19/94, felony carrying illegal weapon, illegal possession stolen firearm C-17510-13

Cynthia James, W/F 12/14/72, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling F-09087-13
Nicholas May, W/M 1/14/86, violation of protective order G-27732-13

Gerard Thibodeaux, Jr., W/M 3/8/72, felony theft G-10027-13

Tyron Allen, B/M 6/5/96, simple burglary G-27432-13

Joseph Ancar, B/M 2/16/94, simple burglary G-27432-13

Arnold Frichter, W/M 5/11/79, forgery, identity theft, monetary instrument abuse B-60519-13

Jorge Castro-Rodriguez, W/M 7/24/94, Second Degree murder G-12671-13

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office
504-363-5521 O

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