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Thursday, June 13, 2013 10:47 AM

Emanuel Tran, A/M 8/17/89, indecent behavior w/juvenile, pornography w/juvenile, extortion E-10653-13

Irvin Wright, B/M 6/11/70, purse snatching K-61597-12

Michael Hewitt, W/M 1/27/80, warrant for 39 counts unlawful prescribe CDC D-26244-12

Khian Drawsand, B/F 1/26/76, felony theft F-60737-13

Thedro Lindsey, B/m 6/30/94, illegal or unregistered weapon F-10064-13

Rickey Lawrence B/M 5/27/68, monetary instrument abuse, bank fraud, possession of stolen property F-61338-13

Shanti Kamalo, W/M 11/23/73, simple burglary D-09699-13

Terrence Payne, B/M, 7/17/89, warrant for aggravated rape, attempt first degree murder F-22651-12

David Hart, W/M 12/30/79, use of firearm cds/violence, felony carrying illegal weapon F-80773-13

Otis Landry, B/M 9/3/79, use of firearm cds/violence, possession of unidentifiable firearm, felony carrying illegal weapon F-80792-13

Lecia Urich, W/F 10/28/65, felony theft, extort-threat injury D-80572-13

Ryan Bellanger, W/M 8/15/92, illegal use of weapo0n, illegal carrying weapons F-10489-13

Sean Martin, B/M 3/29/83, 2 counts contraband in correct center, contraband cc combust F-10630-13

Leroy Tate, B/M 8/8/74, indecent behavior w/juvenile E-81573-12

Mark Becnel, W/M 7/12/64, possession of heroin F-08941-13

Bobby Bertrand, B/M 2/6/58, possession of heroin F-08941-13

Vanessa Agent, W/F 7/29/87, possession of heroin F-04010-13

Jabari Ragas, B/M 10/16/73, felony theft F-09222-13

Blake Darensburg, B/M 3/14/1990, Simple Burglary, F-80680-13

Christopher Wittie, W/M 10/11/1988, Poss. Stolen things, Violation of protective order, E-05080-10

Kizzy Kinzey, B/F 1/18/1994, Intent to conceal weapons Handgun, Cocaine leave derivt. Poss., F-80804-13

Barry Lynn Delacruz, W/M 12/30/1980, Parole Violation, F-99999-13

La’Ray Tapo, B/M 2/3/1992, Violation of Probation, G-17121-12

Kenneth LeBlanc, B/M, 1/18/1985, Parole Violation, F-99999-13

Kyle Johnston, W/M 10/25/1990, Violation of Protective Order, F-08843-13

Joseph Francis Shedrick, B/M 6/7/1993, Simple Burglary, F-80680-13

Tyrone Lambert, B/M 2/1/1981, Exposure with intent to arouse, F-80628-13

Tyren Blue, B/M 6/8/1990, Simple Burglary
Louis Madison, B/M 12/16/86, warrant for aggravated rape I-00143-11

Jose Santos, W/M 9/22/84, use of firearm cds/violence F-80255-13

Delvin Jones, B/M 9/11/79, 2 counts auto theft F-22634-13

Clarence Toney, B/M 7/28/84, illegal carrying weapons, possession of firearm on premises of ABO F-03648-13

George Bailey, W/M 1/3/79, 9 counts use of firearm cds/violence F-03552-13

Ramon Fernandez, W/M 9/8/88, stalking 2 counts obscene talk on phone F-03452-13

Brittany Connelly, W/F 2/13/90, possession of heroin F-04010-13

Noland Sharpe, B/M 10/20/90, 7 counts prin aggravated assault w/firearm F-02880-13

Juana Peters, B/F 7/14/70, warrant for computer fraud F-04431-13

JYUVENILE, W/M 8/2/98, simple burglary F-04105-13

Robert Shannon, W/M 5/1/76, felony theft F-80304-13

Joseph Hampton, B/M 7/22/81, warrant for failure to register as sex offender L-16950-12
Steven Carter, W/M 9/2/83, aggravated kidnapping of child, aggravated rape of victim under 13 F-04415-13

Primeaux, Brent, W/M 5/16/87, possession of heroin F-04184-13

Tracy Adams, W/M 7/17/61, possession of heroin F-04184-13

Rayionne Carter, B/F 6/20/94, felony theft F-05374-13

Charles Davis, W/M 2/25/91, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling E-80962-13

Richard Perrin, W/M 12/17/76, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling F-60040-13

Bobbie Cooper, W/F 2/5/74, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling F-60040-13

Ted Dewey, W/M 1/2/85, prin-residential burglary E-61685-13

Cary Bryant, B/M 4/5/91, attempt second degree murder, illegal possession stolen firearms D-82035-13

Carlos Rivera, W/M 7/7/76, armed robbery F-60818-13

Chaddley Sergent, W/M 3/15/94, illegal possession stolen firearms F-07398-13

Devin Laurent, W/M 10/20/97, aggravated assault F-074720-13

Robles Moises, W/M 2/24/84, cyberstalking/electronic mail H-01948-12

Delacruz, Barry, W/M 12/30/80, possession of heroin F-07902-13

Joaquin Mayorga, W/M 2/3/87, on warrant for felony theft A-22250-13
Christopher Lepine, W/M 3/8/92, illegal possession of stolen property J-21693-13

Fred Luke, B/M 11/22/92, warrant for illegal possession of stolen property E-297056-13

Ramon Rivera, W/M 10/22/70, use of firearm cds/violence D-18281-13

Rennie Beverly, B/M 10/12/81, warrant for failure to register as sex offender C-04169-13

Clarise Smith, B/F 9/10/86, contraband in correctional center F-03388-13

Louis Bonneval, w/M 9/24/60, 2 counts aggravated assault F-02716-13

Alexandria Robinson, B/F 10/29/91, prostitution F-60293-13

Bradley Dolliole, B/M 12/1/83, simple arson E-06629-13

Clifton Raye, B/M 9/5/67, on warrant for 2 counts aggravated rape D-09104-13

Raymond Berger, W/M 10/24/79, warrant for violation of protective order B-17684-13

Francis Hyacinthe, B/M 8/28/63, illegal use of weapon F-02860-13

Branden Grant, B/M 10/23/95, illegal possession of stolen property F-02860-13

Jahmaal Frey, B/M 4/27/95, battery on school teacher E-04995-13
Derek Becker, W/M 12/16/90, 11 counts prin-simple burglary F-01139-13

Joseph Dinet, W/M 7/11/84, possession of heroin F-60209-13

Chad Guidry, W/M 12/4/93, armed robbery F-01814-13

Kylyn Perkins, B/M 7/9/94, illegal possession of stolen property E-29706-13

John Green, B/M 8/16/80, illegal possession stolen property F-02111-13

Angela Fuselier, B/F 6/2/87, illegal possession of stolen property F-02111-13

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish sheriff’s Office
504-363-5521 O

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