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Thursday, April 11, 2013 10:36 AM

JUVENILE, B/M 1/27/2000, Battery Aggravated, D-08932-13

Christopher Armstrong, B/M 2/14/1993, Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, D-06930-13

Michelle Davis, B/F 4/2/1991, 3-counts Home incarceration violation, F-08564-11

Gerald Wilson, B/M 12/13/1994, Violation of probation, A-14649-13

Shawn Berry, B/M 8/3/1993, Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, D-6930-13

Darineka Davis, B/F 5/19/1993, Use of firearm with/CDS, Obliterated serial number

Latrice Causey, B/F 8/5/1978, Violation of probation, G-82651-06

James Riley, B/M 2/3/1965, Theft $1500 or more, Unauthorized use of a movable, D-08746-13

Crystal Reid, W/F 8/10/1992, Violation of probation, K-17583-12

Julia Scandurro, W/F 8/22/1991, Violation of probation, H-20234-12

Darnell Ramee, B/M 12/23/1993, Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, D-06930-13
Trichell Sorrell, B/F 8/28/1987, Assault/Aggravated, with vehicle, D-06071-13

Jerome Hardin, B/M 6/7/1991, Unauthorized use of a movable, H-01491-12

Derrick White, B/M 1/15/1974, Violation of Probation, H-82442-11

William Mata, W/M 8/13/1985, Simple burglary, D-05767-13

Ramon Kennedy, B/M 3/17/1992, Theft $500 - $1500

Kevin Muth, W/M 12/25/1962, Rape-Aggravated, Indecent behavior with juvenile, D-06052-13

J.C. Jackson, B/M 12/7/1984, Bank Fraud, Forgery, Att. theft $1500 or more, Monetary instrument abuse, B-10868-13

Austin Anthony Ancar, W/M 5/30/1993, Indecent behavior w/juvenile, Comp-aided solicitation minor, A-10654-13
Robert McClure, B/M 7/8/1995, Attempt armed robbery, Ill. Poss stolen firearms, Agg. Assault, D-05538-13

Michael Ladner, W/M 7/30/1980, Theft $1500 or more, D-80423-13

Bryant Simmons, B/M 11/12/1996, Att. Theft of $500-$1500 (Copper), Simple criminal damage $500-$50000, Resist police force/violence, Resist arrest by flight, D-04635-13

Shawan Harris, B/F 5/12/1971, Ill. Possession of a Stolen, Car $500-$1500, D-80387-13

Edward Wilson, B/M 10/28/1980, Ill Possession of a Stolen, Car $500-$1500, D-80387-13

Michael Ladner, W/M 7/30/1980, Theft $1500 or more L-80776-11

Cornell Watson, B/M 6/24/1983, Violation of Protective order, Resisting an officer, D-04489-13

Brandon Jackson, B/M 8/14/1983, Ill. use Counterfeit trademark, Monetary instrument abuse, Forgery, D-4640-13

Diamond Anderson, B/F 10/13/1994, false swearing public health B-15223-13

Rashad, Duplessis, B/M 9-28-1995, Marijuana, Tetrahy Poss, Use of firearm CDS/Violence, D-60555-13

Durrell Young, B/M 4/3/1964, Ill. Poss. stolen under $500, A-07722-13

Stephanie Smith, W/F 7/16/1985, Theft $1500, Bank fraud, D-4685-13

Travis Butler, B/M 5/11/1988, Att.Theft $500-$1500 (Copper) Simp. Crim Damage $500 to $50000, Resist Police Force/violence, Resist arrest by flight, D-4635-13

Shawn Warner, B/M 7/18/1999, Unruly or uncontrollable, A-27669-13

Rodney Robinson, B/M 9/14/1966, Parole violation, B-20544-11

Earl Ivey Jr. B/M 3/24/1989, Felon carrying Ill. weapon - counts, C-05717-13

Dominique Jenkins, B/M 6/21/1993, Contraband in CC, D-04031-13

Kimberlyn Hawkins, B/F 2/3/1963, Aggravated Battery, Simple Assault, Simple Criminal Damage, D-3910-13

Thomas Christina, W/M 9/12/1980, Theft $1500 or more, Theft auto over $1500, L-18663-12

Terrence Joyce, B/M 8/12/1993, Violation of Probation, J-28046-12

Ivory Williams, B/M 4/5/2013, 2-counts Parole Violations, J-28686-09

David Quidd, W/M 9/8/1954, Violation of probation, I-21925-10

Dominique, Hines, B/M 2/14/1990, Ill. Possession of Stolen Firearms, A-13338-13

Sofia Isabel Maslachias, W/F 5/10/1981, Battery/oral sexual, K-81842-12

Erica Patterson, B/F 5/6/1994, 3-counts Aggravated Battery, 3-counts Contributing to delinquency of a juvenile D-80225-13

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Public Information Office
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