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Tuesday, March 19, 2013 01:02 PM

JUVENILE, B/F 4/10/00, battery on a school teacher C-16946-13

Jared Schaub, W/M 7/18/95, warrant for 2 counts illegal possession of stolen firearms L-24017-12

Irvin Riley, B/M 12/11/69, domestic abuse battery-strangulation C-16377-13

Joseph Yarber, W/M 12/11/89, illegal use of firearm cds/violence C-62175-13


JUVENILE, B/F 11/23/98, possession of stolen property C-81135-13

JUVENILE, B/F 7/20/98, possession of stolen property C-81135-13

Brice Perrier, B/M 10/15/85, illegal possession of stolen property C-81132-13

Joshua Bruce, W/M 2/1/86, contraband in correct center C-15171-13

Terrell Donald, B/M 10/18/71, domestic abuse aggravated assault C-14638-13

Jimmie Turner, B/M 3/31/92, aggravated burglary, false imprisonment C-14677-13

Ezra Spencer, B/M 10/22/77, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling, stalking C-81061-123

Gailory White, B/F 6/20/96, interfering with an educational facility C-13975-13

JUVENILE, B/F 9/18/98, interfering with educational facility C-13975-13

Dabrelle Wilson, B/F 9/20/96, interfering with an educational facility C-13975-13

Michelle Lee, B/F 10/25/96, interfering with an educational facility C-13975-13

James Moore, B/M 9/8/90, warrant for attempt second degree murder E-12279-12

Haley Dardar, W/F 12/30/94, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling B-06269-13

Xavier Roomes, B/M 12/25/90, warrant for monetary instrument abuse, forgery J-80649-11

Justin Hutchinson, B/M 11/20/89, warrant for second degree murder, attempt second degree murder K-23665-12

Ray Morrogh, W/M 6/15/58, violation of protective order B-18581-13

Sean Vicknair, W/M 2/15/74, armed robbery C-11672-13

Jonathan Hawkins, B/M 12/20/86, simple kidnapping C-80824-13

Jose Gomez-Valdez, W/M 10/24/61, 3 counts aggravated incest, 3 counts molestation of a juvenile, 3 counts indecent behavior w/juvenile B-81754-13

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office
504-363-5521 O

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