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Tuesday, February 26, 2013 10:10 AM

Juanita Freeman, B/F 2/28/51, aggravated assault, B-81751-13

JUVENILE, B/M 1/5/01, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling, possession of stolen property B-81725-13

Heath Allen, B/M 7/12/68, domestic abuse battery-strangulation B-21686-13 (Patrorl)

Atari Endsley, B/M 7/6/75, stalking B-19161-13

Katie Donner, W/F 1/7/81, simple burglary, 2 counts access device fraud, 3 counts unauthorized use of access card, 2 counts forgery

Derrick Day, W/M 3/1/67, aggravated assault B-21955-13

Brandon Dumas, B/M 9/19/87, public bribery B-62615-13

Darryl Adams, B/M 3/6/91, on warrant for domestic abuse battery-strangulation D-17766-12

Leon Adams, B/M 7/16/71, 6 counts cruelty to juvenile, false imprisonment B-81709-13

George Hernandez, W/M 6/21/58, felony theft B-22139-13

Kendall Turner, B/M 3/7/82, illegal possession stolen property, alter/remove auto VIN number A-80958-13

Brian Kennedy, W/M 7/21/80, contraband in correct center B-20692-13

James Wilson, W/M 10/20/66, contraband in correct center B-21450-13

Jahan Wilson, b/F 6/30/88, contraband in correct center B-21382-13

John Spellman, W/M 1/3/50, simple burglary B-20683-13

Kirk Russell, W/M 8/17/64, violation of protective order B-20775-13

Tevin Anderson, B/M 8/31/92, carnal knowledge of juvenile B-20785-13

Steven Fennell, B/M 9/18/89, felony theft B-20182-13

Mary Romano, W/F 11/19/57, felony theft B-19679-13

Robert Soileau, W/M 1/21/64, on warrant for vehicular homicide G-30922-12

Garielle Roussell, W/F 11/9/92, contributing to delinquency of juvenile involving felony B-20172-13

George Cox, B/M 5/2/68, unauthorized use of motor vehicle B-19648-13

Ross Pistorius, W/M 2/19/84, cyberstalking/electronic mail B-15618-13

Chad Jolly, B/M 12/10/78, possession cds by fraud/forgery, 4 counts forgery B-19418-13

Jason Sea, W/M 4/16/80, on warrant for failure to register as sex offender G-06316-12

Lamont Shanklin, B/M 12/18/73, possession cds by fraud/forgery B-19418-13

Christopher Perdomo, W/M 2/23/74, on warrant for felony theft, home improvement fraud J-15412-12

George Peterson, W/M 9/16/63, felony theft B-12783-13

Jamaine Bester, B/M 1/18/89, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling B-81449-13

Arthur Loyacano, W/M 5/25/83, felony theft B-81527-13

JUVENILE, B/M 1/15/98, 3 counts simple burglary, 3 counts possession of stolen property A-23248-13

JUVENILE, B/M 4/15/98, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling B-81383-13

JUVENILE, B/M 3/6/99, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling B-81383-13

JUVENILE, B/F 9/15/97, interfering with an educational facility B-18462-13

Ashley Fedison, B/F 10/25/84, possession of heroin A-10746-13

Matthew Romback, W/M 6/23/87, simple burglary E-82328-12

Gary Washington, B/M 5/20/93, aggravated rape two or more offenders L-80128-12

Terrence Kelley, B/M 9/16/86, possession of heroin A-10746-13

Joseph Johnson, B/M 9/16/66, contraband in correct center B-18092-13

Alexander Bruce, B/M 2/20/93, use of firearm cds/violence, illegal possession stolen firearms B-81339-13

Bradley Steele, W/M 11/18/87, 6 counts unauthorized entry of business B-18354-13

Easilyn Carter, b/M 6/1/95, comm false info bomb school property B-18199-13

Tamara Shantell, W/F 9/9/71, on warrant for 2 counts monetary instrument abuse A-20189-09

JUVENILE, B/M 11/22/99, battery on school teacher B-17506-13

Jonathan Allemond, W/M 5/15/90, domestic abuse battery-strangulation B-12526-13

Andre Singleton, B/M 9/24/94, on warrant for simple burglary of inhabited dwelling A-07898-13

Falyn Leslie, W/F 4/10/82, on warrant for 3 counts forgery B-81596-06

Daylan Bradstreet, B/M 7/23/91, felony carrying illegal weapon B-17515-13

Justin Wilderoder, W/M 3/14/88, 2 counts simple burglary, possession of stolen property A-03654-13

Norman Singleton, b/M 8/9/93, 2 counts illegal possession of stolen firearms A-07898-13

Wayne Ceasar, B/M 5/25/64, contraband in correct center

Maximillian Cole, B/M 11/17/76, on warrant for aggravated kidnapping C-28855-12

Jari Williams, B/F 2/26/91, unauthorized use of access card, identity theft, access device fraud H-24040-12

Dominique Tate, B/F 11/27/86, on warrant for simple burglary of inhabited dwelling I-06584-10

Zeryus Smith, B/M 5/8/91, use of firearm cds/violence B-17049-13

Joseph Gibbens, W/M 8/11/85, on warrant for simple burglary of inhabited dwelling, illegal carrying of weapons, illegal possession of stolen firearms, illegal possession of stolen property F-18730-12

Donald Flemings, B/M 4/26/56, on warrant for felony theft, monetary instrument abuse, bank fraud J-03722-12

Demond Jenkins, B/M 7/19/76, aggravated assault w/firearm, felony carrying illegal weapon, illegal possession stolen firearm B-81273-13

Orlando Williams, B/M 10/23/79, contraband in correct center B-16461-13

Darian Sly, B/M 10/11/71, warrant for unauthorized use of motor vehicle E-090-47-12

Brandon Dumas, B/M 9/19/87, armed robbery B-61164-13

Arthur Loyacano, W/M 5/25/83, prin-simple burglary, simple burglary A-81616-13

Michelle Peavy, W/F 11/30/82, contraband in correct center B-15988-13

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office
504-363-5521 Office

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