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Wednesday, February 20, 2013 11:44 AM

JUVENILE, B/F 11/29/97, 2 counts battery on school teacher B-15793-13

Darron Parks, W/M 6/28/95, aggravated assault B-15866-13

Nicholas Guthan, W/M 10/8/87, domestic abuse battery-strangulation B-15448-13

Darian Sly, B/M 10/11/71, on warrant for illegal possession of stolen property, alter remove auto VIN number, felony theft E-09047-13

Jose Dubon, W/M 4/19/74, domestic abuse battery-strangulation B-15134-13

Antoni Ortiz, W/M 2/14/93, aggravated assault w/firearm B-81226-13

Sarah Loyacano, W/F 5/4/83, 4 counts simple burglary B-80352-13
Oscar Pastrana, W/M 3/14/83, armed robbery B-61866-13

Detra Walker, B/F 7/1/68, contraband in correct center B-13387-12

Larry Moore, W/M 7/14/73, unauthorized use of motor vehicle B-61698-13 (GPD)

Robert Padua-Soto, W/M 9/10/85, domestic abuse battery-strangulation B-13487-13 (Patrol)

Ramon Swilley, B/M 12/17/78, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling B-13656-13

Johnson Crayton, B/M 1/7/53, 2 counts simple burglary, illegal possession of stolen property B-13763-13

Jackie Jackson, B/M 7/1/56, 2 counts simple burglary, illegal possession stolen property B-13763-13

Ronnie Morgan, B/M 5/22/55, 2 counts simple burglary, illegal possession of stolen property B-13763-13

Ihab Shelbi, W/M 12/1/89, aggravated assault w/firearm, illegal use of weapon B-12190-13

Michael Barberito, W/M 7/7/55, on warrant for obstruction of justice, aggravated assault K-05084-12

Carlton Fisher, B/M 5/18/54, false swearing re: robbery B-12855-13

Timmie Reed, B/M 9/22/77, first degree murder, attempt first degree murder, attempt aggravated arson B-10969-13

Mohammed Ebrahim, W/M 8/7/82, harassing phone calls, stalking B-06432-13

Omar Hindi, W/M 7/4/66, forgery B-81034-13

Rickey Davis, B/M 12/25/67, contraband in correct center B-12895-13
Jamaal Jenkins, B/M 6/16/87, illegal possession of stolen property B-09286-13

Larry Steadman, B/M 10/4/74, on warrant for possession of stolen property, bank fraud, monetary instrument abuse, attempt felony theft I-06407-12

Roy Ashworth, W/M 7/17/72, failure to register as sex offender A-21749-13

David Jackson, B/M 9/20/86, auto theft A-60589-13

Dillon Wright, B/M 9/8/92, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling J-09961-12

Britney Allen, B/F 4/5/90, contraband in correct center B-11965-13

Iesha Ross, B/F 2/24/91, prin to attempt second degree murder L027228-12
James Bonner, W/M 9/22/91, on warrant for 2 counts auto theft A-14352-13

Louis Brown, Jr., B/M 8/31/63, on warrant for failure to register as sex offender A-06951-13

Ronada Bartley, B/F 6/21/81, on warrant for violation of protective order E-15106-12

Darell James, B/M 1/13/87, attempt first degree murder B-00284-13

James Davis, B/M 4/29/86, attempt first degree murder B-00284-13

Jonathan Lopez, H/M 3/18/87, attempt first degree murder B-00284-13

Desean Fountain, B/M 11/30/91, felony theft B-11268-13

Mark Raymond, B/M 10/27/88, use of firearm cds/violence B-10722-13

Zachary White, W/M 8/14/82, domestic abuse battery-strangulation B-09789-13

Nancy Theriot, W/F 3/21/57, aggravated arson B-09709-13

Graham Brou, W/M 10/15/92, attempt simple burglary, 2 counts simple burglary B-09740-13

Jazz Hewitt, B/M 6/29/95, 3 counts simple burglary B-09876-13
Byron Johnson, B/M 9/4/92, on warrant for simple burglary J-01949-12

Leminda Defrances, W/F 8/14/48, on warrant for forgery I-01209-97

Jamar Williams, B/M 7/15/87, felony carrying illegal we apon B-09400-13

Derek Ditcharo, W/M 6/28/87, simple burglary, felony theft B-08948-13
Rockell Bridges, B/F 11/30/83, illegal carrying of weapons B-80682-13

JUVENILE, W/M 2/20/97, illegal carrying of weapons B-08677-13

JUVENILE, W/M 10/20/97, aggravated assault B-08421-13

Le'royzha Gardner, B/F 3/12/98, contraband in correct center

Adam Driggs, W/M 7/27/79, 2 counts aggravated assault B-08439-13

Lionel Curtis, B/M 6/21/70, 2 counts attempt first degree robbery B-08086-13

Charles Turner, B/M 10/29/80, use of firearm cds/violence B-61064-13

Junior Rodriguez, W/M 12/26/88, forgery, possession of fraudulent ID b-08098-13

Kevin Alexander, B/M 9/23/56, illegal possession of stolen property B-80596-13

Darrell Osborne, B/M 7/3/56, domestic abuse battery-strangulation, aggravated assault B-80567-13

Jermaine Cavalier, B/M 12/14/90, aggravated assault w/firearm B-60941-13

Arthur Loyacano, W/M 5/25/83, 2 counts simple burglary B-80352-13

Aubreyona McCloud, B/F 10/18/86, contraband in correct center B-60878-13

Gerald Thomas, B/M 1/1/81, auto theft A-22412-13

Manuel Garcia, W/M 8/28/77, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling B-07660-13

JUVENILE, B/M 9/14/00, battery on school teacher B-80555-13

JUVENILE, B/M 7/1/98, 3 counts simple burglary B-60861-13

JUVENILE, B/F 7/9/97, interfer educ facility B-06372-13

JUVENILE, B/F 2/10/00, interfer educ facility B-06524-13
Kalieb Davis, B/M 2/22/95, interfer educ facility B-06372-13

Monroe Wilson, B/M 9/1/87, use of firearm cds/violence B-06704-13

Melvin Chandler, B/M 6/5/92, on warrant for simple burglary of inhabited dwelling E-13609-11

Josiah Everly, W/M 10/22/90, attempt simple burglary B-06202-13

Joe Gillum, B/M 12/27/64, on 3 counts for failure to register as sex offender

Merlin Ricks, W/M 1/156/70, attempt simple burglary, failure to register as sex offender B-05934-13

Brandon Jackson, B/M 8/14/83, carjacking B-05838-13

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office
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