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Tuesday, February 19, 2013 08:41 PM

As the investigation into the shooting death of Dorthea Richardson continues, our homicide detectives are looking for Willis Stevenson B/M, 23, with the last known addresses of 301 5th St in Bridge City and 216 Westwego Avenue. Stevenson's Pontiac, 2 door, Trans Am was found abandoned near the intersection of 3rd Avenue and Emmanuel in Bridge City later in the evening hours following Mrs. Richardson's murder.

Willis Stevenson has an extensive prior criminal history with arrests for: Armed Robbery, AggravatedAssault, numerous Resisting Arrest charges, numerous Battery on a Police Officer charges, Several counts of Possession of Stolen Property, Illegal Use of a Firearm, 2 counts of a Felon in Possession of a firearm, multiple Possession with intent to Distribute Marijuana charges, Possession of Cocaine, Simple Burglary, 5 counts of being a Fugitive, Multiple attachments and Traffic related charges.

From the onset of this investigation our homicide detectives were unsure who the initial intended victim may have been in this investigation. However, we also believed there may have been others inside of the Richardson home at the time of the shooting. It has also been determined at this juncture of the investigation that Mrs. Richardson was no stranger to law enforcement. She too, has a lengthy prior criminal history with arrests for: Simple Assault, Felon Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Illegal Possession of Marijuana, Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine and Illegal Possession of a Firearm with Narcotics. Detectives from both our Criminal Investigations Bureau and our Special Investigations Bureau have conducted investigations into illegal criminal activity at the 301 5th Street Bridge City address for sometime now.

?Anyone with information in this matter, or who may know the whereabouts of Willis Stevenson is asked to contact our Homicide Division at 504-364-5300 or Crimestoppers.

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office
504-363-5521 Office

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