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Tuesday, January 29, 2013 02:40 PM

JUVENILE, B/M 1/29/1999, Interfering with an Educational Facility, A-25214-13

Carlos Walker, B/M 11/12/1998, Interfering with an Educational Facility A-25214-13

Andrew Brent Williams, W/M 10/11/1980, Theft, refund/misapp over $500, Theft of a firearm, A-06727-13

King Prince, B/M 5/5/1942, 5-counts Home incarceration violations, A-11036-02

Tamika Brown, B/F 4/3/1981, Home Invasion, Dist. peach by fighting, Mis rep. during booking, A-81842-13

Shannon Brown, B/F 3/23/1974, Home Invasion, Dist. Peach by fighting, Resisting an officer, A-81842-13

Trenice White, B/F 12/14/1982, Home Invasion, Agg. Assault, A-81842-13

Marvin Carter, B/M 5/18/1992, 5-counts Simple burglary, L-02593-12

Michael Harris, B/M 11/2/1995, 5-counts Simple Burglary, L-02593-12

Sheneka Johnlouis, B/F 5/8/1986, Theft of goods under $500, A-25222-13

Mario Marrero, B/M 8/30/1994, 5-counts Simple Burglary, L-02593-12


Wellington Cornin, B/M 9/26/90, warrant for domestic abuse battery-strangulation, 2 counts of violation of protective order E-29272-12

JUVENILE, B/M 1/15/98, 3 counts simple burglary A-24057-13

Daniel Duvio, W/M 6/18/63, domestic abuse batttery-strangulation A-24250-13

Gregory Cummings, B/M 7/23/90, use of firearm cds/violence A-62713-13

Bertin Gomes, W/M 8/8/60, obscenity A-24625-13

Roy Dixon, B/M 2/27/91, aggravated rape, pornography w/juvenile A-62604-13

Bonnie Campion, W/F 11/9/61, aggravated assault w/firearm A-62684-13

Margaret Habisreitinger, W/F 5/30/81, contraband in correct center A-23817-13

Idell Williams, B/F 8/26/60, unauthorized use of access card, identify theft L-80312-13

Ezekiel Wakins, W/M 6/19/86, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling, unauthorized use of motor vehicle A-22793-13

Adrian Moten, B/M 3/11/92, illegal possession of stolen firearm, use of firearm cds/violence A=20860-13

Mary Williams, B/F 2/18/65, simple burglary A-23283-13

Monika Johnson, B/F 5/6/96, battery on school teacher A-22176-13

JUVENILE, B/F 12/14/99, interfer educ facility A-22362-13

Kelvin Harrison, B/M 4/13/88, felony carrying illegal weapon, use of firearm cds/violence A-21668-13

Dympha Perrin, W/F 5/29/91, felony theft A-13229-13

Aaron Griffin, B/M 3/10/95, use of firearm cds/violence A-62462-13

Wayne Brown, B/M 9/23/86, felony carrying illegal weapon, use of firearm cds/violence A-21668-13

Shane Jimenez, W/M 9/2/65, possession of heroin A-62415-13

Edward Norman, B/M 11/12/91, on warrant for simple burglary of inhabited dwelling F-22993-12

Euart Peters, B/M 5/2/86, illegal possession of stolen property A-22124-13

Aaron Griffin, B/M 3/10/95, on warrant for simple burglary L-20607-12

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office
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