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Thursday, December 27, 2012 11:23 AM

Earl Ivey, B/M 3/24/1989, Felony carrying illegal weapon. L-81378-12

JUVENILE, B/M 09/04/1990, 6 counts-Theft $1500 or more J-11755-12

Destiney Rusich, W/F 12/31/1998, Unauthorized use of a movable L-19224-12

Darrius Wallace, B/M 07/04/1997, Simple Robbery

Larry Bright, B/M 09/16/1973, False Imprisonment, Simple Robbery L-61926-12

Mandela Lawrence Galloway, B/M 02/07/1990, Violation of Probation B-05705-12

Michael Lacour Willis, B/M 05/04/1974, Ill. Possession of stolen auto, L-19289-12

James Cheek II, W/M 06/21/1985, Probation violation, L-99999-12

Tyra Vanzant B/F 10/26/1985, Theft of Goods $500-1500, L-81311-12

Larry Bright, B/M 09/16/1973, Parole Violation

Justin Melgar, W/M 02/23/1990, 3-counts Illegal poss. stolen over $1500, K-19285-12

Alan Woodward, W/M 12/13/1959, Bank Fraud, Monetary instrument abuse, Attp. Theft $1500 or more, L-19722-12

Ahmad Green B/M 10/20/1988, False swearing reff. robbery, L-19785-12

Jordan Hicks B/M 01/27/1993, Murder 2nd Degree, Attp. Murder 2nd degree, Murder 2nd degree, H-12181-12

George Simon B/M 05/14/1981, Theft of goods under $500, Theft of goods over $500, L-19154-12

Mashawnia Peebles, W/F 06/20/1977, False swearing public health, reff. robbery L-18923-12

Brent Rodgers, B/M 05/30/1979, 2-counts Home Incarceration violation G-06511-08

Ronique Hutchinson, B/F 09/15/1975, Forgery, Bank Fraud, H-80520-12

Raynell Kimbrough, B/M 12/29/1985, Ill. poss. stolen $500-1500, F-24093-12

Ernest Harney, B/M 05/19/1994, Simple burglary L-24475-12

Barreal Williams B/M 05/09/1995, Ill. carrying weapon, Use of firearm CDS/violence, Ill. poss. stolen firearms, L-23676-12

Jonathan, Allemond, W/M 05/15/1990, L-03110-12, Theft $1500 or more, Ill. poss stolen over $1500, Theft $500-1500 L-03110-12

Wilfredo Sabillon-Alvarado, W/M 11/17/1989, Probation violation, Att. Simple Burglary L-81577-12

Jelloey Jaye, W/F, 04/01/1980, 2-counts Felony theft, L-05102-12

Resheke Smith, B/F 11/02/1976, Violation of probation

Anton Saman W/M 07/16/1989, Violation of probation , L-15089-08

Michael Burden, W/M 07/20/1987, 3-counts Violation of probation, L-99999-12

Darius Edmonson, B/M 05/20/1988, Simple burglary L-62808-12

Nicholas Hatzgionidis, W/M 09/28/1991, Simple burglary L-23152-12

Ronald Kensey, B/M 08/12/1991, Ill. Carrying weapons, L-21943-12

Joshua Alridge, B/M 02/27/1988, Use of firearm CDS/violence L-22661-12

Ralph Davis B/M 02/01/1978, B/M 02/01/1978, Domestic abuse-strangulation L-21119-12

Cody Melito, W/M 06/15/1990, Domestic abuse battery L-21492-12

Bert Lee Turner B/M 06/13/1979, Home invasion, Domestic abuse battery-strangulation, False imprisonment, L-21565-12

Brandson Madison B/M 10/13/1982, Marijuana/tetrahy poss, Contraband in CC L-21967-12,

Reginald Cockerham, B/M 06/23/1992, Use of firearm CDS/violence, Marijuana, Tetrahy Poss. L-81430-12

Marciano Costa, W/M 01/10/1977, Cocaine leaves derivt Poss. L-21359-12

Terry Havies, B/M 11/27/1978, Burglary agg. L-21311-12

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Public Information Office
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