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Friday, November 16, 2012 01:46 PM

JUVENILE, B/M 3/11/02, battery on school teacher K-13809-12

JUVENILE, B/M 11/17/95, 5 counts simple burglary K-12276-12

Tina Adams, B/F 9/23/68, aggravated assault J-28027-12

Shenise Sly, b/F 12/22/90, illegal possession of stolen property K-13078-12

Sean Brown, B/M 12/31/74, forgery I-81752-12

Joshua Johnson, B/M 3/18/87, obscenity K-13617-12

Charles Oatis, B/M 3/1/94, carnal knowledge of juvenile J-20515-12

Raymond Edwards, B/M 12/2/54, on warrant for 2 counts failure to register as sex offender H-20960-12

Sherry Terry, W/F 12/19/68, on warrant for 4 counts forgery, bank fraud, unauthorized use of access card, access device fraud J02698-11

Grant Blitch, W/M 11/23/84, on warrant for 2 counts simple burglary of inhabited dwelling H-22142-12

Rena Sherrill, W/F 2/1/84, violation of protective order K-10012-11

Carlius Jarv is, BV/M 6/6/92, contraband in correct center K-13505-12

JUVENILE, B/M 6/28/99, K-61547-12

Tyronne Jones, B/M 7/18/95, 5 counts simple burglary K-12743-12

Kristin O'Sullivan, W/F 5/20/84, violation of protective order K-61557-12

MichAel Huete, W/M 12/14/70, possession of heroin K-12793-12

Jermic Hensley, B/M 6/6/94, on warrant for illegal use of weapon drugs/violence, use of firearm cds/violence J-24675-12

Eldridge Crowley, B/M 9/30/76, on warrant for theft unauthorized use of access card L-80477-11

Michael Rose, W/M 4/24/95, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling K-80819-12

Patrick Kirn, W/M 2/6/79, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling H-80187-12

JUVENILE, B/F 1/21/98, possession of weapon on school grounds K-11508-12

Shannon Gordon, W/M 1/1/67, on warrant for harassing phone calls, cyber stalking/electronic mail K-05020-12

Melanie Pickle, W/F 6/13/71, contraband in correct center K-11639-12

Daniel Copping, W/M 9/1/79, obscenity K-11517-12

Jennifer Chavez, W/F 5/18/84, aggravated assault K-11288-12

Idrick Brister, B/M 3/19/88, contraband in correct center K-11240-12

Christopher Payne, W/M 2/24/91, contraband in correct center

Colonel John N. Fortunato
Public Information Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office
504-363-5521 O

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