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Friday, November 21, 2014 10:54 AM

Bryan Daigle, W/M, 10/05/1997, Armed Robbery, Aggravated Second Degree Battery, J-22691-14

Larry Johnson, B/M, 10/12/1954, Registration of Sex Offenders, K-15820-14

Lionel Raymond, B/M, 07/25/1978, 3 counts Simple Kidnapping, G-35150-08

Eldridge Walker, B/M, 10/16/1977, Monetary Instrument Abuse, Forgery, Attempt-Theft $750-$5000, K-16412-14

Charon Walker, B/F, 12/20/1979, Attachment, Forgery, Monetary Instrument Abuse, Attempt-Theft $750-$5000, K-16412-14

Michael D Price, B/M, 12/21/1984, Attachment, Simple Robbery, 2x Fugitive, K-16712-14, K-16462-14, K-16713-14, K-16715-14

Hollie Thompson, W/F, 07/29/1970, 2 Attachments, Bank Fraud, Monetary Instrument Abuse, Forgery, Attempt-Theft $750-$5000, H-22493-09, B-29617-05, K-16566-14

Bryan Sanchez, W/M, 06/21/1977, Simple Burglary-Inhabited Dwelling, Simple Burglary, Fugitive, Simple and Aggravated Escape, Resisting an Officer, 3 counts Battery/Police Officer, K-61289-14, K-61796-14, K-61804-14, K-61796-14

Jermaine A Harris, B/M, 08/07/1983, Heroin Possession, Possession with Intent Schedule II, K-15160-14

Tyler D Wilson, B/M, 05/01/1982, Heroin Distribution, Possession with Intent Schedule II, Possession Marijuana 2nd Offense, K-15160-14

Dolphy Alexie, W/M, 01/08/1981, 3 Attachments, Heroin Possession, K-15212-14, K-15160-14

Tara Bennencourt, W/F, 09/24/1983, and
Shannon M Aucoin, W/F, 06/16/1983, Heroin Possession, K-15160-14

Jimmie L Lenox, B/M, 11/22/1965, Crack Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Resisting an Officer, K-15236-14

Christopher K Coleman, B/M, 09/14/1996, Attempt Purse Snatching, K-14809-14

Antoine Reid, B/M, 11/10/1990, Principle-Simple Burglary, G-24561-14

JUVENILE, W/F, 01/23/1998 (16 years old), Hydrocodone Possession, Loitering After Curfew, K-15220-14

Sheldon McElveen, B/M, 04/25/1982, Heroin Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, K-81033-14

Samer H Abumusa, W/M, 05/21/1983, 2 counts Access Device Fraud, E-81686-13

Autrele J Felix, B/M, 06/28/1996, Armed Robbery, Use of Firearm CDS/Violence, Possession Marijuana 1st Offense, J-15681-14

William Kelley, B/M, 11/09/1991, 2 counts Armed Robbery, Habeas Corpus, H-24597-09

Cougar Walker, W/F, 12/24/1991, Psilocyn Distribution, I-18927-14

Lawrence Anthony Shepard, B/M, 03/12/1986, Attachment, Domestic Abuse Battery, Resisting an Officer, Attempt-Aggravated Arson, K-14374-14

Charles Mosby, B/M, 05/10/1989, Armed Robbery, Attachment, Fugitive, J-25224-14, K-14622-14

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