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Friday, August 29, 2014 10:18 AM

Patty Lynn Comardelle, W/F, 05/20/1968, Crack Possession, H-25723-14

Navra N Butler, B/F, 12/09/1994, Monetary Instrument Abuse, Theft $500 - $1500, H-80386-14

Angel Aquino, 10/15/1963, 6 counts Pornography with Juvenile, Distribution Pornography Involving Juveniles, H-25832-14

Kristin M Koenig, W/F, 07/17/1974, 62 counts Computer Fraud, 62 counts ID Theft Value $1000+, 62 counts Theft $5000-$25000, 2 counts ID Theft Value $500-$999, 62 counts Monetary Instrument Abuse, 62 counts Bank Fraud, 62 counts Theft over $1500, 6 counts Theft $750 - $5000, H-01422-14

Chandrika M Brown, B/F, 02/14/1991, Possession with Intent Schedule I, Heroin Distribution, H-26034-14

Kevin Deubler, W/M, 12/31/1958, Violation of Protective Order, H-25527-14

Ronnie Hodges, B/M, 09/09/1957, Domestic Abuse Battery, H-24414-14

Joshua Newton, B/M, 07/23/1991, Attachment, Monetary Instrument Abuse, Possession Marijuana 2nd Offense, Heroin Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, H-24875-14, H-11918-14

Jerry J Jackson, B/M, 09/19/1982, Oxycodone Distribution, 3 counts Possession with Intent Schedule II, Use of Firearm CDS/Violence, Possession with Intent Schedule IV, H-21850-14

Walter E Sologaistoa, W/M, 11/09/1969, Carnal Knowledge of Juvenile, Pornography with Juvenile, Comp-Aided Solicitation Minor, Indecent Behavior w/Juvenile, Contributing to Delinquency of Juvenile, E-22442-13

Tarrence T Wilson, B/M, 06/07/1986, Theft Under $750, Attempt Theft $750-$5000, Bank Fraud, H-25300-14

Alex Joseph Ladner, W/M, 02/17/1995, Carnal Knowledge of Juvenile, G-03401-14

Ervin Devon Carter, B/M, 07/06/1974, 7 counts Armed Robbery and 8x Court Remand of Defendant, F-22307-13, F-18332-13, G-28633-12, H-61035-12

Gerrin Brown, B/M, 05/18/1997, 13 counts Simple Burglary, Theft $25000 or More, H-09075-14, H-09083-14, H-09143-14, H-09151-14, H-09152-14, H-09162-14, H-09164-14, H-09171-14, H-09183-14, H-09305-14, H-09318-14, H-09074-14, H-09178-14

Zoilo Alvarez, B/M, 07/10/1983, Domestic Abuse Battery, H-23557-14

Bernard Torres, W/M, 01/29/1987, Aggravated Burglary, H-81712-14

Jeremy J Ware, B/M, 08/14/1995, Aggravated Burglary, H-81712-14

Ashley Martin, B/F, 01/09/1985, Theft Unauthorized Use Access Card, Computer Fraud, Access Device Fraud, H-06421-14

Joshua A Walker, B/M, 04/08/1986, Domestic Abuse Battery, Domestic Abuse Child Endanger, Domestic Abuse Battery Pregnant, H-63319-14

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