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Monday, November 24, 2014 11:32 AM

Nakaila S Wagner, B/F, 10/08/1985, Monetary Instrument Abuse, Forgery, K-16412-14

Ricardo Herrera-Cabrera, W/m, 01/25/1985, and
Leivi J Alcantara, W/M, 06/25/1985, and
Alexander Gonzalez, W/M, 03/10/1981, Conspiracy Distribute Schedule 2, K-16904-14

Jorge Luis Bolanos, W/M, 01/02/1985, Attachment, Possession 200 to 399 Grams Cocaine, K-16957-14, K-16904-14

Eruve Navarrete, W/M, 01/3/1978, Possession 200 to 399 Grams Cocaine, K-16904-14

Raney Bibbins, B/M, 08/21/1981, 2 counts Violation of Protective Order, 71 counts ID Theft Value $1000+, 49 counts Bank Fraud, 4 counts Forgery, 4 counts Computer Fraud, Theft $25,000 or More, I-02834-14, H-26514-14, J-14695-14

Phillip R Harrison, Jr., B/M, 10/19/1990, Firearm Domestic Abuse, Use of Firearm CDS/Violence, Possession Marijuana 2nd Offense, K-17353-14

Corey C Denson, B/M, 08/12/1983, Conspiracy Armed Robbery, E-19280-14

Eugene Brooks, B/M, 12/12/1962, Domestic Abuse Battery, K-17706-14

Nixirela C Rodriguez, W/F, 12/09/1976, Illegal Possession Stolen Over $1500, Theft $750-$5000, Theft Under $750, K-15855-14

Darrell Anderson, W/M, 10/15/1982, Domestic Abuse Battery, K-17835-14

Brandon T Sutton, B/M, 06/05/1988, Violation of Protective Order, Injuring Public Records, J-02312-14, K-17263-14

Timothy M Borja, W/M, 03/13/1970, Extort-Expose Secrets, Indecent Behavior w/ Juvenile, Computer-Aided Solicitation Minor, 2x Fugitive, K-18979-14, K-19219-14, K-219220-14

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