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Monday, October 20, 2014 10:54 AM

Alisha M Bonneval, W/F, 12/26/1982, Driving While Intoxicated 1st, Hit and Run Driving, Reckless Operation Vehicle, Schedule IV Possession of a CDS, 2 counts Hydrocodone Possession, Possession/Distribution Legend Drug w/o Rx, J-13772-14

Zannie Jagneaux, W/M, 11/03/1987, Sexual Battery, G-23217-13

Arthur L Payne, B/M, 09/20/1970, Possession 28 to 199 Grams Cocaine, Possession with Intent Schedule I, J-14476-14

Jasmine W White, B/F, 01/02/1997, Indecent Behavior w/ Juvenile, J-14558-14

Kenneth Hayes, III, B/M, 02/05/1997, Second Degree Battery, J-14673-14

Thomas A Singleton, B/M, 07/27/1986, Looting, Simple Arson, H-63828-12

JUVENILE, B/M, 05/11/2000 (14 years old), and

JUVENILE, B/M, 05/11/1998 (16 years old), and

JUVENILE, B/M, 12/26/1997(16 years old), Pornography with Juvenile, J-14558-14

JUVENILE, W/M, 11/05/1999 (14 years old), Forcible Rape, J-13551-14
Johnnie L Campbell, Jr., B/M, 09/21/1978, Hydrocodone Possession, J-14968-14

Terrance Pickens, B/M, 08/22/1963, Domestic Abuse Battery-Strangulation, J-15103-14

Jordan Harvey, W/M, 08/25/1995, and
Howard H McDowell, B/M, 07/10/1995, Illegal Use of Weapon, Contributing to Delinquency of a Juvenile, J-15075-14

Louis Adams, W/M, 08/04/1963, 3 Attachments, Domestic Abuse Battery-Strangulation, J-15696-14, A-19287-14, L-10465-13, J-15587-14

Ashley Landry, W/F, 09/03/1985, DWI-Child Endangerment, J-15642-14

Aizzaldeen Abualia, W/M, 01/25/1996, Heroin Possession, Contraband in Correctional Center, J-14964-14

JUVENILE, W/M, 08/30/1999 (15 years old), Illegal Possession of Handgun by Juvenile, Illegal Use of Weapon, Unruly or Uncontrollable, J-15075-14

Evan Dema, W/M, 06/09/1993, Armed Robbery, J-15681-14

Kip L McCollim, W/M, 06/10/1959, Domestic Abuse Battery, J-15797-14

Julian Henriquez Vicente, W/M, 05/24/1982, 3 Attachments, Attachment-Cash Fines, Resist Arrest by Refuse to ID, Domestic Abuse Battery, Fugitive, J-16080-14 thru J-16083-14, J-16059-14, J-16112-14

Isaac Lisboa-Morales, W/M, 01/09/1982, Home Invasion, Simple Battery, Simple Assault, Aggravated Criminal Damage to Property, J-16021-14

Michelle Grayson, B/F, 02/21/1965, Aggravated Battery, Aggravated Assault, J-16386-14

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