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Tuesday, September 16, 2014 10:31 AM

Jade Taylor Gisclair, W/F, 03/25/1994, Alprazolam Possession, I-12992-14

Cali Lynn Calcagno, W/F, 01/06/1989, Attachment, Alprazolam Possession, I-12992-14, I-13095-14

Angelica M Sotomayer, W/F, 03/11/1971, Resist Police Force/Violence, Battery/Police Officer, Offensive-Derisive-Annoy Words, False Imprisonment, Fugitive, I-13394-14, I-13513-14

Morvin P Morton, W/M, 10/31/1971, 2nd Degree Battery, Simple Criminal Damage $500 - $50000, I-80783-14

Hung Duong, W/M, 06/15/1969, and
Christy McCullough, W/F, 12/27/1979, Second Degree Cruelty to Juvenile, I-09978-14

Tammy B Seals, W/F, 09/06/1957, Simple Battery, Resisting an Officer, Simple and Aggravated Escape, Attempt-Disarming Peace Officer, 2x Fugitive, I-07331-14, I-10511-14

Mark Mistich, W/M< 06/26/1958, Aggravated Battery, I-11062-14

Dewayne Saines, B/M, 07/07/1959, Aggravated Battery, I-11826-14

Ahmad Wiley, B/M, 01/08/1996, Second Degree Murder, Conspiracy Armed Robbery, Attempt Armed Robbery, I-10148-14

Vincent Venezia, W/M, 10/03/1984, Unauthorized Entry of Inhabited Dwelling, Domestic Abuse Battery, G-06216-14

Jarret J Marshall, B/M, 10/04/1982, Possession Marijuana 2nd Offense, Heroin Possession, Ecstasy Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, I-80757-14

Joshua Brady, W/M, 06/27/1991, Home Invasion, Resist Arrest by Violence, Domestic Abuse Battery, Violation of Protective Order, I-12586-14

Ben E Marenco, W/M, 03/15/1993, Alprazolam Possession, Aggravated Rape, False Imprisonment, I-12636-14, I-12491-14

Tracy D Nichelson, W/F, 11/16/1973, Theft $1500 or More, 11 counts Computer Fraud, Forgery, Bank Fraud, B-09994-14, B-09981-14

Sean Junior, B/M, 05/15/1977, 2 Attachments, Domestic Abuse Battery-Strangulation, G-00669-03, I-09997-14, I-09904-14

Darryl Johnson, B/M, 07/01/1992, 4 counts Attempt-First Degree Murder, Conspiracy-Schedule I Distribution/WITD of CDS, Resisting an Officer, Aggravated Criminal Damage to Property, Felony Carrying Illegal Weapon, I-60854-14

Darrin Jones, B/M, 12/08/1990, Conspiracy-Schedule I Distribution/WITD of CDS , Felony Carrying Illegal Weapon, I-60854-14

Dwight C Nellon, B/M, 12/27/1985, 9 Attachments, Home Invasion, Crack Possession, Possession/Distribution Legend Drug w/o Rx, I-08601-14, I-08599-14, G-35376-03, I-08600-14, I-08602-14, I-08571-14, F-28838-06, H-27794-14

Joseph D Jasmine, B/M, 04/24/1982, Domestic Abuse Battery-Strangulation, 2x Fugitive, I-60926-14, I-60935-14, I-60934-14

Amanda Rumsey, W/F, 11/25/1978, 4 Attachments, Cruelty to Animals, 2x Fugitive, I-08801-14, H-31059-09, I-08802-14, L-08380-03, I-08721-14, I-08803-14, I-08804-14

Alan Wooden, B/M, 10/19/1989, Disturbing the Peace Fight, Domestic Abuse Battery, Violation of Protective Order, I-60940-14

Juan Lino-Mejia, B/M, 08/21/1976, Theft $1500 or More, Computer Fraud, Bank Fraud, B-05739-14

Jessica P Wood, W/F, 06/17/1987, Heroin Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, I-08989-14

JUVENILE, W/M, 06/25/2001 (13 years old), Sexual Battery, H-62436-14

Matthew D Hovick, W/M, 01/11/1984, Driving While Intoxicated 2nd, Possession Marijuana 3rd Offense, Heroin Possession, Contraband in Correctional Center, 2x Fugitive, Driving-License Suspended, Stop Stand Park Specific, I-07429-14, I-07359-14, I-07451-14, I-07452-14

Wade J Boudoin, W/M, 09/20/1970, False Personation Peace Officer, Offensive-Derisive-Annoy Words, I-80412-14

William Danilo Kuttner, W/M, 04/06/1945, Violation of Protective Order, I-07661-14

Kenyon Ray Childs, W/M, 12/22/1982, Domestic Abuse Battery-Strangulation, Domestic Abuse Aggravated Assault, Simple Battery, Aggravated Assault, Hit and Run Driving, Reckless Operation Vehicle, Driving-License Suspended, Aggravated Battery, F-07094-14, C-07044-14, C-07058-14

Zad Felton, B/M, 02/01/1984, Home Invasion, Armed Robbery, Contraband in Correctional Center, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Fugitive, I-08018-14, I-08116-14

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