Posted on: September 27, 2017

Video Visitation Begins October 10th

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Sheriff Joseph Lopinto announces that the Sheriff's Office will be instituting a new visitation program for individuals incarcerated in the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center. Effective Tuesday, October 10, 2017, the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center will be transitioning to a video visitation system. In-person visits will no longer be allowed for friends or family members and will be restricted to professionals providing services to those incarcerated.

The system will be able to be accessed from our new Visitation Center at 1425 Walkertown Way in Marrero or remotely through a computer or cell phone app. Each inmate will be allowed one visit per week at the Visitation Center. Additional visits, up to three per day, can be arranged through the remote service.

There are several reasons for this transition including increased safety and security, greatly increased access to inmates, and a reduction in required staffing levels. For facilities across the country, contraband entering through visitation is always a concern. This program allows this concern to be eliminated almost completely.

The increase in access can be attributed to the new schedule: inmates will be available for nearly 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, rather than the previous set two-hour blocks on a single day of the week depending on cell assignment. Through the use of the remote service using a computer or cellular device, families will be able to connect with inmates from family gatherings or other significant life events that will never be possible with traditional visitation programs. It also allows family members who are out of town or incapable of traveling to the Visitation Center to visit with their loved one.

All video visits will be monitored at all times, even those conducted remotely, just as was with in-person visitation. The difference here is that the ability to monitor several visits simultaneously will allow us to assign fewer deputies to the visitation process. This reduced staffing requirement is one of the main reasons that the increased availability can be offered.

This initiative is another step in using technology to enhance the services we provide to the community that we serve. In the coming days, we will be publishing the details of the complete process required to arrange the visits.

Lieutenant Jason Rivarde

Public Information Officer

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