Public Information Office

About Us
In times of emergency, communications play a vital part in ensuring the proper response and handling of an event. For this reason, the JPSO has established a formal Public Information Office.

The JPSO Public Information Office functions as a resource for the public and for representatives of all news media (local, national, international, broadcast or print).

The primary objective of the JPSO Public Information Office is to provide accurate, concise, and timely information to the public that is directly related to or impacts public safety. The Public Information Office is also involved in publicizing, highlighting, and promoting the goals and accomplishments of the JPSO.

Contact Info
The JPSO Public Information Office is manned by three PIO Officers, Colonel John Fortunato, Glen Boyd and Lt. Jason Rivarde.
You may email the Public Information Office Email   

To send a letter to the JPSO Public Information Office, please do so at:

 JPSO Public Information Office
 1233 Westbank Expressway
 Building B, 5th Floor
 Harvey, LA 70058

The primary numbers for the PIO Office is 504-363-5521 or 504-363-5522.  If you can not reach anyone at these numbers, or if you are calling after hours, please call 504-227-1400.  You can fax us at 504-363-5526.