Crime Information

  1. Crime Statistics

    The Uniform Crime Report (UCR) is prepared every month to show crime statistics for a community using standard categories. Part I offenses include: murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, theft and auto theft.

  2. Traffic Statistics

    The Traffic Division reports traffic ticket statistics are reported every month. Statistics are published within 30 days following the end of the month. Each monthly report shows the number of tickets issued by category for the current month.

  3. Crime Tracker

    The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office has updated our crime mapping and reporting website in an effort to keep the public safer and better informed about Jefferson Parish.

  4. Crimestoppers

    The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office has teamed up with Crimestoppers, Inc., a nonprofit organization that offers monetary awards to citizens for crime tips.

  5. Missing Persons

    Access information and photographs of a select number of open cases.

  6. Reporting Crimes

    Learn how you can report a crime to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

  7. Sex Offenders

    In 1992, the Louisiana legislature enacted this state's first law mandating the registration of persons convicted of sex offenses and offenses against victims who are minors.

  8. Wheel of Justice

    The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office has partnered with ABC 26 News to provide the "Wheel of Justice" program.